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This is a response to Huffington Post Frequent Contributor Joe the Nerd’s Post: I Saw a Different SOTU –

Hey Joe – Great post. Timely, relevant. I follow your comments and mostly agree with everything you usually say, but want to drive home a specific point.

What the Powers that Be want us to believe is that All is Hopeless, We Have no Choice, Everything is Broken, Government Doesn’t Work, Our Kids are Dumb, They Can’t do the Job – it’s the Teacher’s Fault, it’s the Unions Fault – On and on.

What Science is starting to tell us, however, is that is not the way the Omniverse™ works – not the way it works at all. And THAT is the Big Secret that is being hidden from all of us. Mankind is capable of anything, the most beautiful, the most inclusive, the most benevolent of existences­­­. But that is being fought tooth and nail – and why? The Power to control thru Money.

Joe, it’s my hope that we’re all waking up to what is really at the core of why we are all here on this little rock spinning in this void of blackness. We have to cut ourselves slack, and these same “Powers that Be” as well – they have been bred to have no soul, no conscience­­­… and that horrible behavior is rewarded, while those with compassion get stepped on. Humanity should recognize and reward the more Positive Thought Structure™ that has always been within all of existence.

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Anyone out there have friends who send you emails to justify their position and belief system? Trying to convince you, you of the opposite ilk, to come over to their side of the coin?

I do… And feel free to share your own experiences as comments on this post. Since I suppose I am a part of the ‘silent majority’ per se, and one that speaks out more often than not, with opinions I have formed from my research and investigation, I have certain pals that occasionally and consistently, mind you, send me emails with assorted links of videos & snail mails even – with articles cut out, highlighted and personal notes stating their opinions.

To me, this is the healthiest of activities, and one aspect of what life is all about. If I have an opinion and have held it all my life, and something new comes up to refute that, I am happy to hear any new knowledge with an open mind. And in the United States today, I believe we need much more of this honest, truthful and factual dialogue, minus the hidden agenda and preconceived prejudices.

One of my most recent creations... based upon a scene I witnessed in Wicker Park 2 summers ago.

Two examples – and I’ll lead with one that is cultural and really pretty hilarious, because this particular pal o’ mine, whom I have genuine affection for, not only hammers me on a regular basis for just about everything I think & believe, but is also very good-natured about it as well. I recently completed a painting I call ‘People – an Homage to Hopper.

Self Promotion aside, I like Hopper… he has his shortcomings, his human side, flaws… but he did what he loved and stuck to it besides the pressures from the art world at that time.

Needless to say, my nameless pal sends me this email with this link, paraphrasing it down to a PG-13 language:

edward hopper sucks…: peace and love,  anonymous pal

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There’s a Blog I enjoy very much called Ethics Alarms that I have been following over the past 3-6 months… and I enjoy it because I don’t always agree with what he says. As a matter of fact he’s very right of center. The big difference in what he writes is that he calls people to the carpet on either side of the aisle. I stumbled upon his blog after a google search of ‘Ethics’ – and I have been a subscriber ever since.

This Blogger, named Jack Marshall, pumps out maybe 5-10 posts a week… a volume that I find hard to fathom. It takes me forever to get rolling on an entry, but since I contacted him to ask permission to talk about this particular exchange he’s written 4+ postings. But there is a particular post in which I am completely at odds with his opinion, to the point of where we both think each other is completely wacky for each’s respective perspective.  Read the rest of this entry »

Ray Noland: Blago / Banksy –

First, I made the following comment at Huffington post, you can see the article I commented on here –

Second, here is my embellished comment: I am / was a big fan of all the Blago/Banksy graffiti that were sprayed all around Chicago – and I covered it extensively in 3+ Posts on my blog “The Structure of Thought™ – this is the way it has always been®”. It’s my opinion that you cannot patent a “style” of art ( you can invent a style, however, so that something can be “Banksy-esque” so to speak, even tho he didn’t “invent” it ) just like a medical or big pharma company can’t “Patent” a gene or a chromosome – even tho the law says you can. Just because it is legal, doesn’t make it right.

That being said, the whole point of Art in its highest calling IMO is to generate positive Thought Structure™, discussion, and push society towards enlightenment. If you go back and read my posts on Ray’s Art it shows the noblest aspect to what the purpose of ANY art can do – call attention to issues, our culture, the flaws in our society, our misplaced values and dysfunctional aspects of the Pop Culture we have created. That is powerful, how one individual can help push society towards the positive.

If you think about it, one good idea can change everything. Hopefully for the better.

Check out the Blago/Banksy entries I talked about here & here – there’s at least 3 updates, with 2 being in the first link, showing pictures from Wicker Park, Bucktown, the Skylark fire pic with some shots of me warming myself next to the cold, empty fire that Blago is trying to start… pretty fun stuff. Check them out…


Okay, I am a giant football / soccer geek, not the most knowledgeable, but I try my hardest to hold conversations with those who know WAY more than me on any topic… and I know just enough about Futbol to be slightly dangerous. So before Friday’s matches are even played, I’ve got my final 16 bracket filled out, homer-ized, & Filled with upsets.

For reference, I have used my ESPN iPhone app to help me draw the brackets for the final 16. And I’m still not sure how these brackets shake out – but as you can tell by the whiteboard I enlisted at work, it was very confusing seeing how these play out.

I was under the impression that the groups cross-pollinate in the “elite 8” – meaning, winners getting into the final 8 “bracket jump” into the playing those from the “other side” of the draw – those from group A-B all of a sudden playing those from G-H or whatever. That being said, I guess this is how it is supposed to be – if not, I’ll amend next week. Plus I should also apologize for my “USA Centric” bracketing – having them in the top right corner. So you see what a homer I am.

So keeping this short, it’s my impression that the South American teams have caught up and zoomed past European players… France and today Italy’s shocking exit as example. If Italy would have played all three games like last 20 Minutes of the Slovakia, they probably would have won their group. But it doesn’t fall far from reality that we could see a final 4 of all-South American teams… Uruguay, Argentina, Chile/Paraguay, and of course Brasil. That is what my Head tells me – but as any good Homeresque philosopher type as I fancy myself, I filled out the bracket with my heart, not my head! (of course).

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Google any satellite picture before this gulf spill and compare it to this piece of garbage picture they’ve posted… if you click on the enlargement button, the oil takes up and shadows out almost ALL the surface area viewable… just look at the shadows under the clouds on the “water”…! ANY pic from before, spillage in brown from the Mississippi River, but… nice, green and blue shades of vast expanses of ocean. The only place you see a semblance of blue is in the lower right hand corner… on the right towards Texas you see a giant plume of gray/brown moving towards the shore. This is criminal negligence to the highest degree… and I find it impossible to believe we do not have the technology to go down there and at least fuse this thing shut. What a bunch of crooks.

I am almost, ALMOST inclined to believe that this is some sort of planned catastrophe to push a hidden agenda. Nothing is beyond my comprehension to which these “people” are capable.

Intelligence does not equal Conscience or Empathy. Man.
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The purpose of this particular post is to try to wrap my brain around a theory I have had in my head for quite awhile, and to try to explain it to you. The events over the past couple of weeks/months that we’ve all witnessed regarding to where things fall in the “Linear” political spectrum, ( mainly Glenn Beck and his Magic Chalkboard )  using the labels the ‘Left’ or the ‘Right’ in regards to politics, have started to touch on this theory.  This helped me pull down a semblance of this Idea Grouping, this Structure of Thought™ , that I have been trying to manifest for at least the past 5+ years.

And I’m not kidding when I say I’ve been thinking about this ‘Thought Structure’ for a few years… the proof is in the viewing of either of my 2 earliest digital collages here and here. This is where all these “types” of thoughts I have come from, and how they look to me. The Structure of Thought™ is what I call it… and it is really hard for me to put something so… etherical?  into words that even myself can understand.

In The Daily Show's brilliant parody of Glenn Beck, Jon Stewart mocks Glenn's pattern of drawing on the chalkboard similar graphics to what I've been working on in my own little brain.


So let me set the table by saying that it’s hard to articulate these Thought Structures™, for lack of a better term, or “theory of forms,” as I think Plato called them, at least for me, coming at it from the artistic viewpoint.

My goal for this fairly extensive post is to convey the idea of how the political parties and factions thereof can be labeled and analyzed within the Structure of Thought™.

First and formost,  look at the Banner ‘The Structure of Thought™’ above. You can see the graphics I put together for the title of this particular Blog. These are not just for decoration… they actually mean something to me, and hopefully try to explain my perception to you, fair reader.

When I look at them I know they convey a method that, if used with interchanging variables that is measured with absolutes, can help us Humans more refine, label and direct anything, from economics, policy, acts, thoughts, deeds… into a “more perfect” way to help measure decision and choice.

This procedure, in turn,  helps “sharpen our pencil” so to speak to more closely mimic nature, find solutions to problems, refine arguments, make better decisions, decipher right from wrong, etc. etc.

And as in Nature, there is Beautiful Structure of Thought™, and there is terrifying, paradoxical, repulsive Structure of Thought™… the thesis statement of this exercise could be said that the more beautiful, natural ways we shape our Thought Structure™, the more functional, effective, moral, ethical way it will effect all of us.

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I was in the grocery store last week just picking up some this and that, when I noticed this cover of Newsweak, and it just confirmed what I had been thinking since the beginning of the year.

"IF" they were in charge... they WERE in charge! And 9-11 was the carte blanche for the saturation of their toxic policies we are paying for today STILL.

I try to sample all points on the media spectrum… and on both the left and right at first all you heard about was Sarah Palin this, Sarah Palin that. Any other person would have fallen WAY off the radar months ago… but she keeps being  drug in front of any and every perceivable media outlet at any opportunity. This isn’t an accident – this is planned manipulation.  And I fault both “sides” – the 6 or even less big media companies who own 95% of all the tv and radio stations — if the “left” knew what was good for them they would completely ignore this completely vacant empty vessel. But I suppose that in and of itself is what makes her so appealing to those who wish to rule from behind the curtain.

Palin should be ignored… she is a non-story.

Which brings me back to the Newsweek cover. Since the new year, and feel free to agree or disagree, but I hear the steady drumbeat of “republican takeover” “republican victory” and “republican landslide” in November. “How many seats will the republicans take?” “which democrats are going to lose their seats?”

Constant hammering, relentless, over and over, repackaged, re-messaged, on just about every channel… Television, Radio, websites. And… This is the trick that is being spoon-fed to us… and this projection is the powers that be’s biggest nightmare.  The Table is Being Set for the election of 2010 as a shoe-in for republican “victory”. This is classic divide the masses and keep them conquered. If the republicans take back the Congress or Senate, that is the best case scenario for the Status Quo… even if Health Care passes.

And this is what the corporatocracy wants… no change coming from the power of the masses, we the people. “Stay home and have no hope, because the republicans have already won!”

Like David Icke reiterates over and over, the power of the very few controls the many, the sheeple. But their power is extremely fragile, because it is based on the perception that we the people are powerless to stop this avalanche of chaos all around us, and this gridlock of our government, paralyzed by the bought and paid for congress and senate.

But Remember what Modern day Prophet and Philosopher George Carlin said, paraphrased here – what the real rulers Don’t want is an informed, enraged and motivated public who takes control of their own destiny and comes our en masse on election day and votes out those who are on the corporate dole… THAT is what they fear most, regardless of political affiliation.

The Daily Show with truthteller Jon Stewart skewers this completely bogus attempt to justify the ruling elites hideous record.

ANOTHER example, brought to my attention just this Friday. These are calculated, subtle moves that truly do manipulate the subconscious… and if you watched the Daily Show with Jon Stewart -you know that it is just wishful thinking at best, and a complete bogus propaganda mind-f**k at worst… which is what I truly believe it is, personally.

If we vote out all the remaining last holdouts of those who were responsible for the deregulation and pillaging of the bush administration and and replace them with progressive, responsible, fair minded and fiscal conservative “democrats” – this is the worse case scenario for the puppet masters in Washington, and they FEAR this. People who are free to control their own destiny, and put people in power who want to put these policies into effect – this is what they fear the most. All the Diebold machines in the US couldn’t stop this tide turning, if everyone shows up.

The bad news is is if it looks like that will happen, then be on the lookout for another false flag operation to move the cheese on the American public and patriot act them into submission.

So if the Teabaggers were smart, which unfortunately I think the vast majority of them are just prejudiced, narrow minded people, they would get on board with the progressive movement. That seems like a stretch when you think of it in Linear terms, BUT if instead you think of the variable Laid out on the surface of a sphere instead of a line, you see that as you travel farther away from your opponent, you eventually come around to the other side and you start getting closer together eventually. That’s why I believe there are many similar issues that are agreeable in both the Progressive and Teabag movement, the biggest one of all is in dealing with the “federal” reserve… we the masses have much more in common than we are lead to believe.

So don’t be fooled by all the reports of  the corporations winning it all in November. As of Friday, March 12, I have heard many in the more ‘progressive’ parts of the media (The Bill Press show in particular, and because a caller brought it up) that the Media is hyping this future republican landslide in the future… when public opinion states nothing of the sort.  If anything, if we the people show up, we can at least derail their agenda from coming together for a bit longer.

I’m putting some finishing touches in on my next post… pretty excited about it, so check back often!

This election for the people of  Massachusetts’s senate seat tomorrow… all this news coverage… for me it’s a giant mind-f**k. It’s the ol’ “Who would you rather have a beer / sleep with” than what is really important. As the Daily Show and Jon Stewart pointed out Monday, yes, this Coakley gal is probably kind of socially inept, not up on the sports terminology, can’t catch a football, wasn’t popular growing up, etc. etc. 

So she shouldn’t win the election, the other guy should because he has a Truck. I hope the people of Massachusetts don’t fall for this recycled mind dribble… not that this guy doesn’t deserve to win. But he’s vowed to “kill the health care”  or, keep the status quo and no reform.  So I’d much rather have someone who isn’t the most graceful in regards to the way they act or campaign… but at least has the best interest for the least among us at heart, instead of what’s in the best interests of the corporatocrasy. 

I can only hope. 


Freezin' in September w Blago—Skylark

Freezin' in September w Blago—Skylark

Oh yea, Oh yea, Blago, your fire doth giveth little warmth

Oh yea, Oh yea, Blago, your fire doth giveth little warmth

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