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One of the myths handed down from ancient times is ‘As Above, So Below.’ And they took this literally—down to their structures they designed and built. If you have studied these the way I have, especially the research done by Graham Hancock,  many if not all of all the oldest ruins and structures on the face of the earth are specifically aligned with stars in the sky, with the earth being ‘Heaven’s Mirror’, which is also the title of a book by Dr. Hancock which goes in-depth into this theory. The following video shows Graham discussing this Topic and other related issues.

Now what does this have to do with Facebook and its effect on my dreaming?  Well, ‘As Above, So Below’ is my connecting pint to this tangent. Within the Structure of Thought™ that has always been, we are tapping into this new realm thru this application called Facebook—I have been active in it for about 2 months now. I use it as kind of a ‘Smoke Break’ here @ my office – about every 2-3 hours I’ll check it for a minute or two while I’m printing or waiting for a file to save. All the inter-connectivity, chatting on assorted people’s walls and posts—they are the ether spider-web linking-type quality that is, I believe, at least affecting my subconscious.

Because as I stated in my last dream-related post, my Dreams as of late have really ramped up to a new level—and a crowded one at that. Well, maybe one reason is because I have started this blog, which deals with Thought Structure™ in general. But the seasoning and flava of these crowded, purpose-driven and extremely busy dream accelerations I am experiencing is because the Structure of the Intranets® ( thanks W ) itself does resemble the inter-connectivity of how the Brain stores information—and especially how Facebook works… And I am shure that dreaming in any Video Game application is the same.  But since I started Facebook, man, now there are just crowds and crowds of people in my dreams.

Maybe Facebook is tuning into or aligning at least my sensitive lil’ ( I hate that btw ) ( but hate’s too strong a word ) noggin’ ( ugh ) to this always existing but previously unavailable area of the infinite, where my soul, while my body sleeps, enjoys so much more company.

That being said, along this Linear Thought Structure™, then couldn’t you make the case for the fact that we do reflect, as in Heaven’s Mirror, that we are now uncovering the beginnings of our waking up, or tapping into, the realm of the Akashic Records, and that the Web not only exists and affects the way we think but also can have this effect upon the pathways that are open to us as our souls explore these areas while we sleep? And not only does this affect us spiritually, that if we take this literally, we can with goodwill, purpose and the power of intention, bring about a more spiritual, higher form of physical existence?

As Above, So Below?

If this is tough to swallow, just listen to Otter make my point way better than I ever, ever could:

I put it to you Greg!

Isn’t Negative Thought Structure™ and our entrapment there in an indictment of how we actually perceive Reality—and how we understand the existence of Positive Thought Structure™ itself?

GENTLEMEN! …Hmmmm Hmm Hm, Hmmm, Hm—Hmmmmm…!

Went to bed early Sunday night—and I had the most vivid night of dreams I’ve had in a while. It was pretty much of an epic – time distortion, maybe about a week condensed into a night of dreaming. I’m sitting here racking my brain trying to piece it all together… but by far the most stimuating part was swimming in midair hanging onto the fin of a Killer Whale which was the size of the Hindenberg. And I can’t remember how I got there, but I’m just hanging onto the fin, way up in the sky, above a body of water.

I then find some footing and I am walking along his or her back, walking towards the front of the whale, when I am enveloped in mossy, humid tropical landscape. As I get to the downslope of this landscape/whale snout, I look over the edge and it has turned into a giant, very tall waterfall. I mean – 1000+ feet… if it were real life, I think I would have shatten upon me pantaloons—it was that high. All of a sudden, I have an intertube with handles, it’s yellow, and I am in slo-mo going over the edge of this giant waterfall—man, what a rush. Symbolically, I don’t know what it means… but the landing was very pleasant and I floated down this waterpark man-made river, filled with dreamland tourists lounging in a pleasant room temperature amusement.

This was the first dream of the week – now it’s Friday afternoon and this week has been a rollercoaster ride of nightly obstacle courses, filled with terrifying, joyous, spectacular adventures… semi lucid dreams that have been crazily active as of late.  It’s been especially tough to get up in the morning because of all the activity.  I’ll go into more detail later – I have a busy weekend ahead.

Anyone else having a more active dreamlife as of late?  I don’t expect anyone else to be flying in the air with giant killer whales—but I believe I am a vivid, exceptional dreamer—I enjoy it and mark my dreams as important parts of my life. Feel free to tell all of us reading about your nocturnal adventures… exploring the infinite, timeless Structure of Thought™ that exists.

There’s a scene from one of my favorite movies that reminds me of exactly where the western world Mind Set is stuck right now. It’s from Time Bandits, Terry Gilliam’s first movie after his Monty Python career. If you’re unfamiliar, the movie is about a young boy named Kevin, who is bright, smart and curious about the world, but has parents who could care less about anything but material gain and keeping up with the Jonses. So Kevin, thru Lucid Dreaming and creative Thought Structure™, jumps into his dreamworld with a group of little people who are ‘God’s helpers’ who steal a map of all the places in the universe where time travel is possible, robbing historical rich people and escaping with the loot with the help of the map.

Because one of the Portals happens to be in his room, Kevin follows along at first, but then he becomes the moral compass for the gang, showing them how their behavior was, basically, bad. There are moral dilemas at every turn… very good lessons to learn, along the lines of a Willy Wonka ( the old one, of course. ) There are many variables – God and Satan pursuing the group to get the map… it’s a complex plot.

Hey, it’s a Terry Gilliam movie.

So there’s a point in the movie where the gang of 7 little people and the young boy have timed tele-ported to the Titanic, just in time for it to sink. Here’s a link to the scene. See At this point, the group is floundering in the middle of the North Atlantic, hopelessly lost, stranded, cold and alone. But then the dimmest of the lot points ‘Now is the Time to Pursue the Most Fabulous Object in the World’ – which Satan has put on the map. Never mind that it’s Satan and ’evil‘ totally manipulating them, and that they have the worst of intent – to steal something that doesn’t really physically exist.

But Randall, the self-appointed leader of these bandits, says something that has always stuck with me since the first time I saw this movie. He says, ‘It doesn’t matter where we are, just as long as we believe in it!’

As long as we believe in it.

So that is where we are right now… floating in the middle of nowhere, with nothing but jargon keeping us afloat. If we are the people we have been waiting for, then I believe now is the time to start a new, positive Thought Architecture™ – A way to think about new ways to develop new, better, more inclusive, more unifying ways to celebrate the fact that we even exist at all. That this reality is truly a gift, and that we are all in it together.

There are so many new traditions that we could develop. One of the best things about America is the tradition of Thanksgiving®. In the short line of recorded history, and even though it masks the genocide of the Native American Indian, the idea behind the tradition and ritual of thanksgiving is a noble one. Can’t we develop new rituals of this nature that can not only help make us a more civilized society, but in our gigantic adversity in which we now find ourselves, is there not this opportunity? A National Charity Week, with friendly competitions and success stories, maybe at the end of the school year, after exams as an example.

Burning Man comes to mind as a great new Tradition that is gaining momentum. It focuses on everything positive Thought Structure™—it combides Survival Skills, Unique Art & Music, open-mindedness & expansion, acceptace of our differences, the inclusion of all who want to participate—the expansion and importance of culture in a hostile environment, and the paralells of ancient tribal customs from all parts of the planet. It is this sort of enrichment of the spirit, in such a benevolent manner, that this world thirsts for. I have never participated in Burning Man, but everyone I have talked to that have been say it is a life-changing experience.

This poster represents a new idea to start focusing our capitalism and culture on a more healthy and positive path, that can also generate revenue.

This poster represents a new idea to start focusing our capitalism and culture on a more healthy and positive path, that can also generate revenue.

As an artist, I have devoted a number of my digital pieces to the topic of New Ritual. To be specific, having a World History Festival every four years is another concrete example. This Tradition would entail an olympic type feel, every four years, but from an educational and tourist focus, corporate-sponsored reenactments and discussions about the topic of History… a topic that needs to be front and center in our civilized world’s minds as we move forward – if we are going to survive as a species.

And isn’t time we developed some new variations of our religious beliefs? I mean, yes, evil does exist—but this constant focus on Negative Thought Structure™—to quote Dr. Evil himself—‘It has grown tiresome!’

I could type about this subject forever—so I will end Part one here. I am putting this topic out there to hopefully inspire conversation, invite like-minded discussion, and start making people aware that this more Positive Thought Architechture™ already exist in the realm of the infinite… we only have to manifest it into this physical realm by our immense and infinite powers of creation. I welcome your feedback, opinion and critisism.

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