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Here’s a comment I left on a Huffington Post for a blogger named Bob Cesca – who always has a very astute as well as funny and entertaining opinions – but there’s not much humor in his latest Post – Read his and then check out my observations below:

Bob, I agree with everything you are saying, and here are some scattered observatio­­ns…

I have to say that Motorcycle Boy is right on the money with his observatio­­ns in his comments – this is not a republican or democratic problem. It’s ‘the corporatoc­­racy’ problem – Washington DC, the ONLY area of the country whose property values in the Housing crisis have gone UP in value – left and right are in the pocket of the Council on Foriegn Relations, Trilateral Commission­­, Bilderberg­­er Bohemian Grovers bought and paid for Hidden Agendas, so brilliantl­­y and ( hilariousl­­y ) exposed by the Buffalo Beast guy…

All these politician­­s, especially Scott Walker, remind me of the Old Cartoon where there’s the big bulldog named Spike and the little yap dog that is trying to beg – beg – for acceptance – ‘Look, I can enforce your will upon the people, i live to please you, thanks for the Money..!’ The big dog could care less and smacks the little pooch in line… and they are trying to disappear the story in the MSM.

This is why you don’t see any National Democrats, especially Obama, in Wisconsin.­­.. Obama’s Corporate handlers will NOT let him go down there if they can help it – Ed Schultz wants Obama to come to Madison – but that flies in the face of everything Obama stands for!

If Obama goes to Wisconsin, he breaks from what the Hidden Agenda ‘Allows’ him to do – if that happens, watch out… Sparks will Fly.
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Here’s the Fox Nation article link that applies, and here’s my comment I posted, if they let it post:

This is a very feeble attempt to equate the uprising in Egypt with the Gloom and Doom of “Radical Islamic Muslim Al Qaeda Taliban” etc. etc.

Just as there are varying degrees of Christianity, from moderate to extremely radical ( Westboro Baptist comes to mind ), so there are varying degrees of organizations and people of Muslim Faith around the world… and trying to equate the overthrowing of a Strong Man Dictatorship ( and, as Saddam was in the 80’s, “Our Thug” ) – which totally flies in the face of the NeoConartist worldview.

The Vast Majority of Egyptians are Secular, meaning they want the separation of their Muslim Religion from their Government – Church separate from State – Much like Turkey, to a certain degree.

Fox News ( and MSNBC if they have posted this story as well ) and their “reporters” are having a very hard time equating the Good People of Egypt with their constant spewing of the “Muslim ‘The Database’ Boogeyman” – and you can’t paint all people of Muslim faith with the Same Brush. And, by posting such a HOKEY after effects video, shows their true colors as a propagandist tool, and I hope that those people who use Fox as their primary news source recognize this Fact. And – if MSNBC posts this on their site without pointing out the obvious special effects, they’re just as guilty.

Mubarak toppled is a great event for Egypt and their people IMO – from a 10,000 foot view, this is a victory for the true ideas for which Democracy stands.

However, we all have to be vigilant about how the ruling corporate elites, that are trying to control and keep the true potential of humanity down, handle this developmen­t. From behind the scenes, who knows what is happening – Panic? Opportunit­y? Relief?

I truly believe that ‘There is Enough Pie for All®’ – let’s take this Revolution in Thinking – which is what it is – as a lesson in learning to take care of each other and share… this could be a true turning point for Humanity. It’s my hope that it is handled in the best interest of all the Egyptian People, not just a chosen few of the elites.

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This is a response to Huffington Post Frequent Contributor Joe the Nerd’s Post: I Saw a Different SOTU –

Hey Joe – Great post. Timely, relevant. I follow your comments and mostly agree with everything you usually say, but want to drive home a specific point.

What the Powers that Be want us to believe is that All is Hopeless, We Have no Choice, Everything is Broken, Government Doesn’t Work, Our Kids are Dumb, They Can’t do the Job – it’s the Teacher’s Fault, it’s the Unions Fault – On and on.

What Science is starting to tell us, however, is that is not the way the Omniverse™ works – not the way it works at all. And THAT is the Big Secret that is being hidden from all of us. Mankind is capable of anything, the most beautiful, the most inclusive, the most benevolent of existences­­­. But that is being fought tooth and nail – and why? The Power to control thru Money.

Joe, it’s my hope that we’re all waking up to what is really at the core of why we are all here on this little rock spinning in this void of blackness. We have to cut ourselves slack, and these same “Powers that Be” as well – they have been bred to have no soul, no conscience­­­… and that horrible behavior is rewarded, while those with compassion get stepped on. Humanity should recognize and reward the more Positive Thought Structure™ that has always been within all of existence.

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This is a comment I made on the above Huffington Post article:

As more of a Progressiv­e than a Liberal, but Liberal none the less, I as many of my like-minde­d peers subscribe to the Gandhi Mindset, or as I like to label it with my own terminolog­y, ‘Coming from the Gandhi Structure of Thought™’, which DOES exist, within the realm of something we all are a part of, the infinite of the Omniverse™­. That is, Violence is NEVER an option… but organized, civil disobedien­ce is and has to be a democratic option… having no secrets, no hidden agenda. Can those on the right say the same thing?

Did you go and watch the videos this Jared posted? IMO, his writings reflect someone who is suffering from schizophre­nia, but more likely has bi-polar disorder..­.. he is tuning into something that in his mind makes sense, but in his explanatio­n of what point(s) he is trying to make, makes little to no sense about what he is trying to convey. In other words, his brain-tune­r and how it filters this reality, is way off-kilter­.

IMO there is a huge attempt by the powers that be to influence the events taking place, how we perceive this reality, and place the blame on those who best fit pushing their agenda, mostly hidden.

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