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Short Post this week… and late. Been extremely busy, thank the omniverse—but also been very melancholy. Don’t know what the deal is… but it’s affecting my concentration and work flow. I can’t remember when I’ve been this… Blah. The weather might be a culprit… it’s been 60 and overcast here for like the past month. Great sleeping weather, though.

I’m not big into video yet, much to my dismay. But I had my camera with me this weekend and was fortunate to capture this little bit of nature being nature in a humerous way… I especially like how the “busy bumble bees” seems to follow my improvised porno music with their thrusting… I don’t think I could have choreographed it any better.

Another interesting tidbit…  after he was “finished”, ( hence the post title ) he hung around waiting for the female to “recover.” As she did and finally started moving around, he hovered in the air, as if waiting for a response.  Maybe he wanted to take her out to dinner.

The female then crawled back behind the edge of the ledge they had been “doing the deed” on, out of eyesight of her male counterpart.  Maybe she said, “Hey honey, (pardon the pun) gotta go powder my antenas, be right back.”

After a brief 10 second delay, she hightailed it out of there like she was late for dinner across town, completely out of the “eyes-sight” of her suitor.  No hold me, no snuggling, Notta.

Meanwhile, poor mister male bee – he thinks his “date” is still behind the ledge, taking a powder. He has no idea that he got completely ditched. What a tool.  Again, hence the post title.

I’ll put my tin foil hat back on hopefully next week. But spread this around.  I think I smell 1,000,000 hits easy… at least it’s short enough for that.

Just Spotted this one in a heavily trafficed area within walking distance of my office – same as the one that was painted over, but with the great added touch of the disapproving Barking Dog… such a nice touch! I was in the car as I drove by—I hurriedly whipped out my camera and snapped pics of some people posing with the graffiti. I wish I was quick enough to have snapped a pic of the main in the close up below when the girl was taking his pic… he posed in the Blago Jogging position himself, which was very hilarious to watch. I snapped my shots when he was taking the picture of his companion, returning the favor so to speak. BlogoTouristsC

There was a small crowd of people checking it out, seeming to be mulling over if they were going to engage with the piece, waiting to take their turn and snap a pic with the image.

Same as from my initial entry, but with the added flair of the disapproving pooch, representing the rabid voters of Illinois!

Same as from my initial entry, but with the added flair of the disapproving pooch, representing the rabid voters of Illinois!

Do any of my Fellow Chicagonians have any other Blago/Banksy sightings they’d like to share? Feel free to comment and leave a location… I’ll try to check it out or find any other blogs, articles or pics on the net that deal with it. I really think this is facinating… Art doing what it is meant to do, the highest calling of all, making people engaged and thinking about the true meanings of our own behaviors and that of our leaders. Really makes your head spin if you think about it.


About ten days ago I was driving by the underpass where that hilarious Blogo graffiti was painted… and my heart sank—it was painted over! I was so sad. I had come to enjoy driving by it everyday, seeing Rod’s sunshiney face peeing over his shoulder at me as I drove by, saying hi. Hi Rod, I’d say. I wonder what you are doing today… where you are trying to shamelessly self-promote yourself, watching your wife eat a bug, and wishing, wishing it was your bug to eat. Man, what a missed opportunity!

For the next couple of days, that part of my drive felt… empty. Like a vaccuum void where something meaningful was taken away. I would drive by and stare at the now blank spot on the wall—I missed Rod. And in thinking in the bigger picture, I was mad at the censorship. Yes, the tried and true debate of the value of graffiti itself. Graffiti has been slow to grow on me, because when it is destructive of private property, that makes me angry. But this is an underpass on a public piece of transport! Plus it spoke to me… it carried a message, a meaning. It was a barb of pointed Thought Structure™ that poked my brain with irony, humor, and the knowledge of the “logos” of what that particular graffiti stood for… the sorry state of politics that exists in many factions today.

The BlogoBanksy ‘Strikes’ again!

The BlogoBanksy ‘Strikes’ again!

So last Thursday, as I’m driving by to get home, lo and behold – The BlogoBanksy strikes again! This time it was on the other side of the street – but directly across from where the first one was painted. This one is of Blogo lighting a campfire, with the same guilty look on his face as the ‘jogger’ Blogo. What does the lighting of the campfire represent? Feel free to chime in your own opinions… I’d love to hear what you think.

So now I feel better. I hope the city leaves this one up for longer than a month. Even in this form, this Graffiti is undoubtedly Art. It makes you think. At least it makes ME think.

What do you think? I think that this is one of the greatest callings of Art. Pushing the Structure of Thought™, even kicking and screaming, towards a more intelligent, more benevolent existence.


I don’t know how many of these have been painted around Chicago, but someone tossed this new image up close by my office late last week. Is it the Real Banksy? Probably not… but you never know.



The provocative, elusive artist Banksy is a “legend wrapped in an enigma inside a paradox” to semi-quote Joe Pesci as David Ferrie from JFK. Check out both youtube video links I’ve placed in this blog entry  if you don’t know who he is. And this Chicago-style deep-dish example is not only editorially poignant but hilarious… constructive, and deliciously ironic. It captures the flavor of the whole ordeal in one simple image. Brilliant.

As many of you are aware, Rod Blagojevich is the much bally-hooey-ed impeached former Governor of Illinois… and old news at that, much to his narcissistic chagrin. Again, as a dyed-in-the-wool conspiracy theorist, it is my belief that he was dragged out of office and disgraced only because he went against the banking system… the day before he was busted by Federal Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald he came out at an impromptu press conference and started barking about investigating Bank of America and pulling all the state’s business with the Giant Bank—the next morning the Feds are at his door.

It was within that next week the press phalanx started to follow Blago and his giant hairdoo’s every move… trying to jog in the frigid cold of an early December day. By his gait, it was obvious that Rod rarely, if ever, jogged. He was really out sniffing about, trying to garner some much coveted attention. A clue to the media whore he would become. Republocrat or Demican, IMHO both are fair game and one in the same these days… those of you who know me know that I am non-partisan when it comes to exposing hypocrasy.

So it is in that light that the “Banksiesque” Chicago effort is again brilliant. It captures the complete awkward absurdity of the giant egomaniac former governor in an act of pure irony… himself barely a runner, looking over his shoulder, looking for the press to make sure they follow, looking for attention, ANY attention… and also approval.

what a tangled web we weave

what a tangled web we weave

Filled with fear that he is getting neither, he can’t help but to also be looking for the inevitable arm of justice to grab him by his furrowed neck like a bad kitten and toss him into the can. Much has been made about his mental state—as a seasoned veteran of dealing with mental wackiness, I diagose Blago as “suffering” from narissistic bi-polar… which is a main symptom of being in that state of mind of which I am very familiar.

That particular narcissistic Structure of Thought™, when you are immersed in it, blinds you to the obvious. And I can’t sympathize with his diabolical behavior. Blago is a symptom of our time, a pathetic example of what our system run amuck without principles, checks and balances, morals, ethics, compassion and logic produces. Hopefully he will get some sembalance of treatment and counselling when he’s paying his debt to society.

President Obama Invited Mr. Abess, the example I called out in my blog last week, to his State of the Union speech last night.  I was so busy spraining my brain ( Literally ) that I wasn’t able to watch the speech until this morning getting ready for work.

Here’s the video of the end of the speech… Like I reiterate in my blog below – we have to address the fact that we need Behavioral Change. Yes, it is scary—but you know what? It feels good to be Generous!

So many times in watching Obama deliver this very effective and motivating speech, I wanted to puncuate his comments with the phrase, “…you greedy F****’n bASTahds!” Yes, that is strong language… however—I believe it is justified. I mean, c’mon, people… the time for hidden, selfish, petty agendas is DONE. There is more to life than to squish the hopes and dreams of this beautiful planet for the sake of control by the very powerful and very few.  Let’s give it a try.


First – been so busy, haven’t been able to post! So I apologize.

Second – check out this link to this banker in Florida – I heard about this from the Drudge Report on Monday.

Good for you, Mr. Abess! I hope.

Good for you, Mr. Abess! I hope.

This guy—no matter what his modivation is—gave at least a large part of his fortune away… to the people who worked for him! Talk about setting a positive example, Leonard Abess Jr. does it.

I read the comments at the end of the article… many say, “oh, it’s a tax issue” or “He’s a money launderer” or whatever. Maybe it is true. But—hey! Sharing is caring – it’s not that hard.

Is it?

It must be… because there is so little of it in our modern western culture.

Or maybe it just goes unreported… because doing good just doesn’t get the ratings or sell the magazines & newspapers that crazy octuplet moms, monkey assaults and Drew Peterson’s girlfriend—and general paparazzi distractions that people seem to think are more interesting. Like a train wreck… you just can’t look away.

Hopefully, now actions like this will start to take some president over all the bad behavior that we seem to devour like starving people looking for a morsel. I wonder why this is.

There must be some sort of addictive quality to all the interest in this part of our culture—and the ho-hum attitude towards those who act in a dignified, reasonable manner that set such a good example. I hope that we start to recognize the Positive Thought Structure™ that goes into bringing that most difficult of example into this particular physical realm we are inhabiting at this time.

In my “About” section ( go ahead and blame Blake Art ) just last week I ended my gibberish by imbeding a Dance Mix of the tirade of Willy Wonka mixed and set to a beat you can dance to… Something must’ve been in the Thought Structure™ that peaked my interest, because this Video of Christian Bale just surfaced in the past 24 hours… here’s a LINK to the original audio, and here’s the Remix put together by an outfit called RevoLucan, who put out the video:

Compare it to the one I posted last Friday – The Wonka one uses actual footage, is basically PG-13 and is fiction.  Christian Bales’s is Nonfiction, rated NC-17 and is based on cleaver stills with Ken Burns effects, peppered with hilarious thought bubbles.  Pretty hilarious!

Now I ask – Let me hear some feedback on these, people!  What do you think, how do they compare?  I adore the Willy Wonka one, particularly because to me it has a deeper meaning, it taps into a universal truth of some sort – and then the mixing makes it fricking HILARIOUS… because of the inside joke, the knowing, the winking of the infinite – and then the clock pedulum ( sp, i’m in a hurry, sorry ) mimiced by the herky-jerk video edit at the end… timeless. Love it. More Overanalysis Paralysis later!

One of the myths handed down from ancient times is ‘As Above, So Below.’ And they took this literally—down to their structures they designed and built. If you have studied these the way I have, especially the research done by Graham Hancock,  many if not all of all the oldest ruins and structures on the face of the earth are specifically aligned with stars in the sky, with the earth being ‘Heaven’s Mirror’, which is also the title of a book by Dr. Hancock which goes in-depth into this theory. The following video shows Graham discussing this Topic and other related issues.

Now what does this have to do with Facebook and its effect on my dreaming?  Well, ‘As Above, So Below’ is my connecting pint to this tangent. Within the Structure of Thought™ that has always been, we are tapping into this new realm thru this application called Facebook—I have been active in it for about 2 months now. I use it as kind of a ‘Smoke Break’ here @ my office – about every 2-3 hours I’ll check it for a minute or two while I’m printing or waiting for a file to save. All the inter-connectivity, chatting on assorted people’s walls and posts—they are the ether spider-web linking-type quality that is, I believe, at least affecting my subconscious.

Because as I stated in my last dream-related post, my Dreams as of late have really ramped up to a new level—and a crowded one at that. Well, maybe one reason is because I have started this blog, which deals with Thought Structure™ in general. But the seasoning and flava of these crowded, purpose-driven and extremely busy dream accelerations I am experiencing is because the Structure of the Intranets® ( thanks W ) itself does resemble the inter-connectivity of how the Brain stores information—and especially how Facebook works… And I am shure that dreaming in any Video Game application is the same.  But since I started Facebook, man, now there are just crowds and crowds of people in my dreams.

Maybe Facebook is tuning into or aligning at least my sensitive lil’ ( I hate that btw ) ( but hate’s too strong a word ) noggin’ ( ugh ) to this always existing but previously unavailable area of the infinite, where my soul, while my body sleeps, enjoys so much more company.

That being said, along this Linear Thought Structure™, then couldn’t you make the case for the fact that we do reflect, as in Heaven’s Mirror, that we are now uncovering the beginnings of our waking up, or tapping into, the realm of the Akashic Records, and that the Web not only exists and affects the way we think but also can have this effect upon the pathways that are open to us as our souls explore these areas while we sleep? And not only does this affect us spiritually, that if we take this literally, we can with goodwill, purpose and the power of intention, bring about a more spiritual, higher form of physical existence?

As Above, So Below?

If this is tough to swallow, just listen to Otter make my point way better than I ever, ever could:

I put it to you Greg!

Isn’t Negative Thought Structure™ and our entrapment there in an indictment of how we actually perceive Reality—and how we understand the existence of Positive Thought Structure™ itself?

GENTLEMEN! …Hmmmm Hmm Hm, Hmmm, Hm—Hmmmmm…!

Went to bed early Sunday night—and I had the most vivid night of dreams I’ve had in a while. It was pretty much of an epic – time distortion, maybe about a week condensed into a night of dreaming. I’m sitting here racking my brain trying to piece it all together… but by far the most stimuating part was swimming in midair hanging onto the fin of a Killer Whale which was the size of the Hindenberg. And I can’t remember how I got there, but I’m just hanging onto the fin, way up in the sky, above a body of water.

I then find some footing and I am walking along his or her back, walking towards the front of the whale, when I am enveloped in mossy, humid tropical landscape. As I get to the downslope of this landscape/whale snout, I look over the edge and it has turned into a giant, very tall waterfall. I mean – 1000+ feet… if it were real life, I think I would have shatten upon me pantaloons—it was that high. All of a sudden, I have an intertube with handles, it’s yellow, and I am in slo-mo going over the edge of this giant waterfall—man, what a rush. Symbolically, I don’t know what it means… but the landing was very pleasant and I floated down this waterpark man-made river, filled with dreamland tourists lounging in a pleasant room temperature amusement.

This was the first dream of the week – now it’s Friday afternoon and this week has been a rollercoaster ride of nightly obstacle courses, filled with terrifying, joyous, spectacular adventures… semi lucid dreams that have been crazily active as of late.  It’s been especially tough to get up in the morning because of all the activity.  I’ll go into more detail later – I have a busy weekend ahead.

Anyone else having a more active dreamlife as of late?  I don’t expect anyone else to be flying in the air with giant killer whales—but I believe I am a vivid, exceptional dreamer—I enjoy it and mark my dreams as important parts of my life. Feel free to tell all of us reading about your nocturnal adventures… exploring the infinite, timeless Structure of Thought™ that exists.

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