uhhhh, yeeeeaaaaahhhhh

uhhhh, yeeeeaaaaahhhhh

I have always felt like I was born with the ability to draw.  Spurred on by my grade school art teacher, I carried this vocation to be a professional artist with me seriously up until my junior year in college. I abandoned my Bachelor of Fine Arts pursuits to get into what I thought would be a more lucrative pursuit of  Graphic Design/Art Direction in the Advertising industry.

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and I am glad I chose the path I did.

Because of my advertising background, I can not only paint, but I also imply the explosive world of digital art to my palette – and this two-pronged media approach that I am focused on right now keeps me fresh with the endless supply of ideas I have stored in my fairly unique brain.

I am in the process of trying to figure out the best ways to deliver my off-kilter view of the world… Starting this blog is one way, my Artwork is another. I love how the technology of the Web—even in the name and description, mirrors how the subconscious actually stores and links information.

I used to think my crazy ideas and philosophies were just too strange and weird for public consumption… but the state of reality and the world we live in today…

I don’t think that at all anymore.


WE are the music makers, and WE are the Dreamers of the Dreams

I am a dreamer in every sense of the word. Dreams come true. That is a fact. But not all dreams are positive.  Now, the quality and tone of these dreams—My focus is on the Positive Thought Structure™ realm of the omniversal subconscious—helping bring that which already exists into physical manifestation within this particular material realm in which we currently exist.

piccadilly dream, 1999

piccadilly dream, 1999

Besides blogging, I try to eek out an existence as an artist.  I would describe the style I paint in as Magritte meets Dali meets Rembrandt… Symbolic, wacky and a bit on the darker side color and palette-wise.  Plus some auto-biographical Freda Kahlo flair thrown into the mix.


thanksgiving® 2006 Exit Strategy

My digital art, in my own humble opinion, is fairly unique… it reminds me of  rap music in a way, because it samples many aspects in the mix of other artists creativity, with a bit of  television motion graphics mixed in… with all the wordplay, 3D space and graphic design aspects.

I am totally unknown, coming out of left field, an outsider to the art world, off the radar so to speak.

But I feel I am totally where I am supposed to be, doing what I am called to do,  and in position to make a difference in this weary material world.

Because that is what I believe the purpose of art and life itself is–a signpost in existence to show the truest form of beauty and the highest ideals of mankind.

All things that exist at one point or another were once only ideas inside our human minds… we bring this reality into existence… it is this infinite Thought Structure™ that I try to bring into physical being thru this new digital art form.

I believe we can strive to uncover what has always been–a more perfect, more benevolent, accepting, compassionate world–and art will show us the way.

It is my hope that my work here on planet earth will help lead that charge.