…except for whole Karl Rove fiasco – you reap what you sow. Sorry to start with this, but I can’t help myself… From wikipedia:

The source of the term is a quotation in an October 17, 2004, The New York Times Magazine article by writer Ron Suskind, quoting an unnamed aide to George W. Bush (later attributed to Karl Rove[1]):

The aide said that guys like me were “in what we call the reality-based community,” which he defined as people who “believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.” … “That’s not the way the world really works anymore,” he continued. “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors…and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

Okay Karl – we’ll study this past week and watch the conclusions drawn from Karl’s new role in history as someone who reaps the ‘reality’ he has sown, with all his lies, deceit and projection – especially accusing the Democratic party of ‘voter suppression’.

As a Science and ‘Mystically’ based Progressive Liberal, I’m much more relieved than anything. A Romney Presidency was a much more a grim prospect, IMHO… the continued serfdom of the American worker.

But for all my Red State friends, of which there are many – and as anti-evangelic as I am —( I mean that not as ‘Anti-Christian’ but ‘Anti-I have to convince you I am right about something to the point of annoyance’) — I’d like you to explore for yourself, at least, turning off the Faux News and listening to the Liberal Progressive side for a while. I implore you to do this for many obvious reasons, but the main one is this statement: You have been in a ‘Propaganda Bubble’, and purposely lied to, for YEARS. 

For as much as Bill Maher is a pompous jackass in real life, this is a point he has been hammering for the past 2-3 years. This ‘Being in the Republican Bubble’ election results and the Fox News crowd, who have been in this bubble’s reaction proves that he has been right on the money.

So please back away from the Conservative Buffet and at least broaden your perspective.

To prove this point:  David Frum is not my favorite person, but he’s out today with a book published and ready to go called ‘Why Romney Lost’.  On Morning Joe lon Thursday, November 8th, this former NeoCon of the Bush administration admitted what I just stated in the paragraph above. Watch it here:

David Gregory is the only person in this picture still towing the conservative line here. I think.

Frum, for as big a Jackass as I believe him to be, speaks some real truth in this interview… much to Morning Joe’s chagrin – he basically cuts him off and tries to change the subject at first, but then agrees with his premise later on.

And you can argue all you want about the MSM being in Obama’s pocket, but that is simply not the case – 5 minutes after this clip, NBC ‘Reporter’ Andrea Mitchell stated that Obama needs to reach out to the Republican Congress, ‘which he didn’t do’ in his first term, which is completely BS. As ‘Liberal’ as MSNBC seems to be, all these jokers, and David Gregory in particular, have skewed the facts and purposely lied about the state of the union for a variety of reasons – what they seem to be missing is how Social Media is leveling the playing field in regards to Facts and the real ‘Why Behind the Why’ things are spun as they are.

And, thankfully, an informed, educated majority of the populous rejected the millions of dollars of negative spin and propaganda that hammered all of us over the past few months.

And I disagree with all this ‘Demographic Talk’ and Santa Claus — ‘dumbed-down-freeloader’ BS that you are hearing — again, these are Lies, told by the same people that lied to you about the election.

Another And—the only reason the Republicans held the house is, really, because of Gerrymandering of their districts. In the Senate, where the votes are Statewide and can’t be gerrymandered, the Democrats pummeled the Republicans, in both blue and red states.

But what I’d like to state here is that this was a Values-Based Mandate, by an educated, concerned majority of the American People. This is something that has been consistently trumpeted by many of the Progressive Voices out there (Thank you Thom Hartmann & Bernie Sanders..!)

These are voices I implore my red state friends to seek out, either on Google searches, Current TV, GoLeft TV, on internet Radio, etc. Because the ‘Realities’ they have talked about for weeks before are the realities that have come to pass.


So for all my Red State pals, here’s a list of the line-up I have here in my adopted town of Chicago put out by the Progressive Voice WCPT-820 am… here’s the link:


Bill Press, 5-8 am, Stephanie Miller 8-11 am, Ed Schultz 11-2pm, my favorite Thom Hartmann 2-5 pm, Norman Goldman 5-8 pm… all the Current TV peeps with the Young Turks, John Fugelsang & Hal Sparks, etc — All these programs welcome the Right to call in, some will ridicule them more than others, but that’s what’s a big part of what ‘Liberalism’ is, is the inclusion of any and all perspectives, including those in which they disagree. Explore the site, check it out – All of these hosts have their own websites as well. I encourage you to check them out..!

But the main point I want to empathize is that for all the flaws, there’s no hidden agenda, no ‘manufactured realities’ that are all about ‘fleecing’ the ignorance of propaganda victims, of which we all are to one degree or another. If I were you, a disgruntled red state conservative, I’d be pissed at your Leaders in your Party  and your Network before you’re pissed at me or the rest of the Populous.

And I want to also point out — there are many Red States that do not have any access to Progressive Radio Anywhere on their dial – my hometown of Kansas City qualifies as this, I think – but there’s much more truthful ‘Brands’ of reality out there – you just have to find them. If you take anything out of this election, the Fox Brand, the Rove Brand, the Glen Beck brand – they’re a part of the crowd fleecing you that David Frum points out. Don’t take it from me – take it from him!

In conclusion, I don’t want to convert you to ‘Our Side’ per se – but I’m telling you, from my heart, at least give a listen to this more compassionate, reasoned, inclusive message.

It’s much more hopeful. It feels good. And it’s much more Fun.  And Hilarious.