After Effects Enables Complex Structure of Thought™ — that we can implement, absorb and grow toward the Positive.

This is an excellent video posted by Jennie Hochthanner about the controversial Troy, Michigan Library debacle.  It’s the best example I’ve seen about a positive way to combat the Hegelian Dialectic that confronts us all on a daily basis.  And if you are not familiar with the Hegelian Dialectic, watching this video is a must. And this is incredibly important in understanding what is going globally today.

In order to make the larger point and teach an important lesson, the small group of Troy Citizens demonstrate a number of incredibly relevant things, especially now in this complex, woven tapestry of reality we share. I will let you draw your own conclusions about their actions and what they did – but it is brilliant, and I commend their valiant effort.

But Jeannie Hochthanner’s incredible visualization of the events, thru the power of Adobe After Effects and (I imagine) Final Cut Pro – weaves the visual tale in a way that compliments and enhances the explanation of the narrator, even more so than just canned footage of the Participants. Nice Job Jeannie.

This technique is so vital and incredibly needed today. And it is a great example that sets he table for all of us to hurdle barriers that keep us from understanding, on many levels.

We seem to be repeating history in varying degrees because we keep falling for all the same old ‘tricks’ – the most recent Anti-Muslim Film being the latest example. I believe this is because the people responsible for funding and putting out the film are attempting to achieve the desired response of Turmoil and Conflict.

This cycle of ignorance holds us back as a Civilization, and keeps us ‘Stuck in Stupid’, as my dad would say.

But if we take the time to examine and craft After Effects presentations of what we keep falling for, like the Troy Library Tea Party people, who I am sure realized that they were being tricked by their ‘well organized and well-funded’ Koch Brother-esque shadow manipulators.

This is the Hegelian Dialectic in action.

Below are 3 other videos that I believe show the power of After Effects in action.

This one commercial driven, explaining how to use the Coca-Cola rewards program by my biggest inspiration of After Effects prowess, MK12 – they are truly the masters of the craft. It takes you to the step-by-step way to carry out something complex, and showing the positive consequences of your actions.

The other two are varying degrees of political bents – the Google Video is a preview of a movie  that came out in 2007, and this After Effects preview of the movie was nominated for a Animago Award 2007 Nomination. And rightfully so – it is very well done.

What they have in common is that they are wonderful ways of explaining very complex ideas – basically a visual journey into the Mind’s Eye – and breaking down Complex Narratives into beautifully rendered Graphical Thought Structures™ that everyone can understand. If Architecture is Frozen Music, than Design is Frozen Thought. After Effects takes this statement to a whole new level.

I plan on using this exact technique to explain my Economic Theory I’ve been working on for the past couple of years – it’s called ‘the JobSpectrum™’ and I am going to be rolling it out in some manner in the next few weeks thru Crowd Funding like KickStarter or something similar – be on the lookout for it.