That’s a Ronald Reagan quote he used in reference to I believe was the SALT II treaty with the Soviet Union in the early 1980’s. I will use that same phrase to reflect my true feelings about what has happened with this ‘Death of Osama’ over the past 24 hours.

Check out the date and time signature on the screenshot - 10:28am, September 11, 2001.

See the above graphic? The ‘Death of Osama Bin Laden’ made me dig deep into my pack-ratted information that I keep in my archives to find this old screen shot of how my mind reacts to ‘big’ events like this, good and bad.

But I hope this above graphic I hastily threw together on September 11, 2001, validates for you how I believe all of us, especially we Americans, should react when we are told that Osama Bin Laden has been killed, his body ‘bio-vaced’ out of Pakistan and buried at sea.

(For all you Computer Geeks, you can see the age of the graphic by recognizing the old Mac OS9 graphics and (I think) the now ancient illustrator 6?)

I make no bones about the fact that I am a ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ – in the best sense of the word.  I Question any and all Authority. I don’t trust any official Government statements. Especially any organized push from the MSM. The exception is my closest and best pals, the people who really love me. I am very cautious about jumping in with both feet about Automatically Swallowing whatever the MSM spoonfeeds us.

And it makes me sad that to see the emotional relatives of those killed on 9-11 being interviewed all over the MSM today – whether they believe this Official Rollout Story or not. It is a reminder that this colossal 9-11 Mind-F**k Event is still fresh.  Time does heal all wounds, but revisiting them so sharply as they are doing today still invokes such a strong response. And I am sure – the MSM are not going to interview any of the 9-11 victims groups that endorse any of the various Truther organizations – they’ll steer clear of those.

The powers that be have gotten it wrong way, way too many times, and have shaped this reality in a way that I think suppresses our Freedoms instead of making Existence a Benevolent, Mystical, Educational and Wonderful experience I know it has the potential to be, for all of Humanity, not just a chosen few.

…so I hope you know that I am completely sincere when I say that again, we all need to THINK before we react to this news.

I am listening to Ed Schultz radio show as I type – and he is just Validating what I see as a total Made for Media event. To paraphrase, he said that he feels like he is watching a Movie, and that it is so surreal. Again and again this makes me think of all this in a very ‘Edward Bernaisian’ sense, a Hegelian Dialectic  type of situation. There are a few really weird things I have observed since these events started to ‘Roll out’ since last night – and there are plenty of instances in the past that 9+ years that are completely fishy that have been re-hashed by many others.

But there are Two instances I’d like to just point out to you – I didn’t take a screen shot of the first instance, but Fox News is now spelling Osama ‘Usama’ – when did that start? Everyone else seems to still be spelling it ‘Osama’ – Does anyone know the reason for this? Maybe it’s because they can’t keep Obama and Osama Straight?

Thanks to Bob Cesca's Awesome Blog for the Image..!

But second and even weirder – Donald Rumsfeld was on the Today show this morning. The graphics they had up behind him while Matt Lauer interviewed him were a very curious choice.

Look at the graphics behind him – there is the word ‘government’ in a picture as it looks in a dictionary. I don’t understand what the Frick that is supposed to signify… I have some ideas, but too lengthy to go into here.  But Nothing happens on these news interviews by chance.  I think they really think all these things out. What are these ‘Nuanced’ subtle messages telling us?

Look at the picture above Rumsfeld’s shoulder – it is a closeup of the statue on top of the Capitol Building – ‘The Statue of Freedom’ is what the public name of the statue is called. And never mind all the hidden symbolism that is very well-known in Masonic Circles that this statue supposedly really represents… I was going to go into detail about it, but it looks as if many of the links I used to explore that refer to this were down or changed.

Looking at the statue – it’s not a picture of the front of the statue, it’s the back! Why??

So if it is the Statue of Freedom, and with all the emphasis and importance of Symbolism and Hidden in Plain Sight Meaning that these ruling elites use – This Statue of Freedom’s back is to us as we listen to Rummy lay out his canned reaction to this ‘Event’. What does its back to us signify to you?

This strikes me as interesting – if I wasn’t aware of all my info I have compiled over the past few years, I would not have given it a second thought – but since I have a sincere wish to know and accept the true nature of a loving, benevolent Omniverse™ — of which Rumsfeld and I are both a part of — this is just yet another example of a hidden message flashed in our faces. In this Bizarro—world being manifested before our eyes, I would like to think that I am seeing what this small, very powerful group of people are Manipulating and Shaping our Perception, of what they are doing to us —  that I see it all with Absolute Love and Total Awareness — I hope by my sharing of this info you can think for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

Feedback and comments are welcome as always – Trust but Verify..!