Here’s a comment I left on a Huffington Post for a blogger named Bob Cesca – who always has a very astute as well as funny and entertaining opinions – but there’s not much humor in his latest Post – Read his and then check out my observations below:

Bob, I agree with everything you are saying, and here are some scattered observatio­­ns…

I have to say that Motorcycle Boy is right on the money with his observatio­­ns in his comments – this is not a republican or democratic problem. It’s ‘the corporatoc­­racy’ problem – Washington DC, the ONLY area of the country whose property values in the Housing crisis have gone UP in value – left and right are in the pocket of the Council on Foriegn Relations, Trilateral Commission­­, Bilderberg­­er Bohemian Grovers bought and paid for Hidden Agendas, so brilliantl­­y and ( hilariousl­­y ) exposed by the Buffalo Beast guy…

All these politician­­s, especially Scott Walker, remind me of the Old Cartoon where there’s the big bulldog named Spike and the little yap dog that is trying to beg – beg – for acceptance – ‘Look, I can enforce your will upon the people, i live to please you, thanks for the Money..!’ The big dog could care less and smacks the little pooch in line… and they are trying to disappear the story in the MSM.

This is why you don’t see any National Democrats, especially Obama, in Wisconsin.­­.. Obama’s Corporate handlers will NOT let him go down there if they can help it – Ed Schultz wants Obama to come to Madison – but that flies in the face of everything Obama stands for!

If Obama goes to Wisconsin, he breaks from what the Hidden Agenda ‘Allows’ him to do – if that happens, watch out… Sparks will Fly.
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