Here’s the Fox Nation article link that applies, and here’s my comment I posted, if they let it post:

This is a very feeble attempt to equate the uprising in Egypt with the Gloom and Doom of “Radical Islamic Muslim Al Qaeda Taliban” etc. etc.

Just as there are varying degrees of Christianity, from moderate to extremely radical ( Westboro Baptist comes to mind ), so there are varying degrees of organizations and people of Muslim Faith around the world… and trying to equate the overthrowing of a Strong Man Dictatorship ( and, as Saddam was in the 80’s, “Our Thug” ) – which totally flies in the face of the NeoConartist worldview.

The Vast Majority of Egyptians are Secular, meaning they want the separation of their Muslim Religion from their Government – Church separate from State – Much like Turkey, to a certain degree.

Fox News ( and MSNBC if they have posted this story as well ) and their “reporters” are having a very hard time equating the Good People of Egypt with their constant spewing of the “Muslim ‘The Database’ Boogeyman” – and you can’t paint all people of Muslim faith with the Same Brush. And, by posting such a HOKEY after effects video, shows their true colors as a propagandist tool, and I hope that those people who use Fox as their primary news source recognize this Fact. And – if MSNBC posts this on their site without pointing out the obvious special effects, they’re just as guilty.