This is a comment I made on the above Huffington Post article:

As more of a Progressiv­e than a Liberal, but Liberal none the less, I as many of my like-minde­d peers subscribe to the Gandhi Mindset, or as I like to label it with my own terminolog­y, ‘Coming from the Gandhi Structure of Thought™’, which DOES exist, within the realm of something we all are a part of, the infinite of the Omniverse™­. That is, Violence is NEVER an option… but organized, civil disobedien­ce is and has to be a democratic option… having no secrets, no hidden agenda. Can those on the right say the same thing?

Did you go and watch the videos this Jared posted? IMO, his writings reflect someone who is suffering from schizophre­nia, but more likely has bi-polar disorder..­.. he is tuning into something that in his mind makes sense, but in his explanatio­n of what point(s) he is trying to make, makes little to no sense about what he is trying to convey. In other words, his brain-tune­r and how it filters this reality, is way off-kilter­.

IMO there is a huge attempt by the powers that be to influence the events taking place, how we perceive this reality, and place the blame on those who best fit pushing their agenda, mostly hidden.

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