There’s a Blog I enjoy very much called Ethics Alarms that I have been following over the past 3-6 months… and I enjoy it because I don’t always agree with what he says. As a matter of fact he’s very right of center. The big difference in what he writes is that he calls people to the carpet on either side of the aisle. I stumbled upon his blog after a google search of ‘Ethics’ – and I have been a subscriber ever since.

This Blogger, named Jack Marshall, pumps out maybe 5-10 posts a week… a volume that I find hard to fathom. It takes me forever to get rolling on an entry, but since I contacted him to ask permission to talk about this particular exchange he’s written 4+ postings. But there is a particular post in which I am completely at odds with his opinion, to the point of where we both think each other is completely wacky for each’s respective perspective. 

Where I really differ with him for his post ‘9-11 Conspiracy Claims: The Hate Crime We Cannot Stop, But Must Not Tolerate’  is in his positioning right off the bat that Questioning the events of 9-11 itself, and validating your opinion with issues that cannot be explained is somehow… a hate crime.  A Hate Crime???

A hate crime towards who, Don Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney? 

Give me a break..! Sounds like the Argument Supreme Court ‘Justice’ Scalia used to hand the election to W in 2000… Gore suing him would ‘Hurt his Feelers…’ What a bunch of Crap, Seriously…! 

Needless to say, that immediately pushed my buttons and I had to jump in and give credence to being able to be a free-thinker, at least.

In my opinion, I can think whatever I want – This is what makes this country great. I am a human being and I believe each and every one of us has some inalienable, Omniverse-given™ rights… and one of those is not being accused of a hate crime for having the opinion that a very small Kabal of the controlling faction within our own Government with a capital ‘G’ has the ‘ways and means’ to act in an extremely nefarious manner. 

And if I have to ‘fear’ for my well-being by expressing that opinion, or be labeled as performing a ‘hate-crime’, well, we have some real problems besides all the OTHER problems in the good-ol’ US of A. Jack seems to be testing the waters for venturing out into the realm of ‘Thought Crimes’ or something – I will not tolerate someone even trying to set the table for something so preposterous. 

Furthermore, I will not apologize for wanting to hold my Country, its Leaders and especially its Intelligence Community – which is way out of control, to the Highest of Standards for the Commons of this Country, black or white, rich or poor.  

This was documented as well as it could be by the great article in the Washington Post in August called Top Secret America – read that too. Very eye-opening and just as scary as any Conspiracy floating out there.

So make sure you check out the link to our dialogue – but the back and forth debate, which is spirited and heated at times, is for the most part very respectful. A lack of perspective, sense of humor and civility  is something that is sorely missing in today’s debates between Different Schools of Thought Structure™, and it is especially prevalent in this 2010 election cycle. What is the deal with the loss of civility in debate in this day and age?

At the end of the day, Jack and I respect each other’s positions, and each other as intellectual beings. I sent him an email asking to post about our spirited debate and he was very swift and gracious in his reply, him also saying ‘…it’s all for the good,’ of which I appreciated.

However, I believe I win the argument, an argument he chose to pick. I am reinforced in my belief as another commenter named Peter comes in and really gives credence to my position, and Jack never really answers my questions, he dismisses my evidence by saying he has no interest in discussing the great majority of it, and he merely gives his opinion that is surmised with the phrase ‘Oh, it could NEVER happen here.’

In regards to this whole issue – as the little boy pointed out in the parable that applies today has it has throughout time: ‘The Emperor Has No Clothes!’

A few quotes that apply, paraphrasing: Jefferson said that our certain kind of government is NOT based on trust, it’s based on suspicion. Mark Twain said that the Definition of Patriotism is supporting your Country all the time and your government when it deserves it. IMO My Friend over at Ethics Alarms has to accept that this is an issue that will not and should not go away, and is at the heart of what is the Why and How Come of the vast majority of issues we face in this country today.

However, I am an eternal optimist, and I am working diligently towards positive change, believe me. But we all have our work cut out for us. But with my belief system firmly in place, I have absolutely Zero Fear. Goodness and Positivity will prevail, as always. 

So Click on the link above, read the comment thread of the article, leave a comment here, leave a comment there. I truly appreciate any and all your comments.