If the earth is a school, what is the lesson of this massive, sickening disaster..? If everything happens for a reason, is this the only way we are going to learn about personal responsibility, unselfish behavior, and the consequences of our actions?

What disturbs me so much, and sickens me even more about this whole event, is that BP seems to be most concerned about “getting the oil” not as a responsibility for cleanup, but because of the value they put on the resale of the oil. If they are so disconnected with reality that they cannot see the PR disaster that they have on their hands ( I think they’re finally getting the picture ) they are truly insane. OR – have a more sinister, hidden agenda.

I am sorry to say, this to me smells of purposeful negligence, in the tradition of Disaster Capitalism by Naomi Klein. Before any troll defenders start with the “how dare you” argument – save your BS. I am not buying it. Problem Reaction Solution.

The true nature of reality has been hidden from us. The Human Race is capable of the greatest of things – we control it – and it doesn’t have to be this hard, this terrible. Let’s take this horrible situation and use it to get ourselves ( and more importantly, the sick, crazy hidden agenda that really runs things ) under control. Or we will have to find a new planet.

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