Google any satellite picture before this gulf spill and compare it to this piece of garbage picture they’ve posted… if you click on the enlargement button, the oil takes up and shadows out almost ALL the surface area viewable… just look at the shadows under the clouds on the “water”…! ANY pic from before, spillage in brown from the Mississippi River, but… nice, green and blue shades of vast expanses of ocean. The only place you see a semblance of blue is in the lower right hand corner… on the right towards Texas you see a giant plume of gray/brown moving towards the shore. This is criminal negligence to the highest degree… and I find it impossible to believe we do not have the technology to go down there and at least fuse this thing shut. What a bunch of crooks.

I am almost, ALMOST inclined to believe that this is some sort of planned catastrophe to push a hidden agenda. Nothing is beyond my comprehension to which these “people” are capable.

Intelligence does not equal Conscience or Empathy. Man.
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