The purpose of this particular post is to try to wrap my brain around a theory I have had in my head for quite awhile, and to try to explain it to you. The events over the past couple of weeks/months that we’ve all witnessed regarding to where things fall in the “Linear” political spectrum, ( mainly Glenn Beck and his Magic Chalkboard )  using the labels the ‘Left’ or the ‘Right’ in regards to politics, have started to touch on this theory.  This helped me pull down a semblance of this Idea Grouping, this Structure of Thought™ , that I have been trying to manifest for at least the past 5+ years.

And I’m not kidding when I say I’ve been thinking about this ‘Thought Structure’ for a few years… the proof is in the viewing of either of my 2 earliest digital collages here and here. This is where all these “types” of thoughts I have come from, and how they look to me. The Structure of Thought™ is what I call it… and it is really hard for me to put something so… etherical?  into words that even myself can understand.

In The Daily Show's brilliant parody of Glenn Beck, Jon Stewart mocks Glenn's pattern of drawing on the chalkboard similar graphics to what I've been working on in my own little brain.


So let me set the table by saying that it’s hard to articulate these Thought Structures™, for lack of a better term, or “theory of forms,” as I think Plato called them, at least for me, coming at it from the artistic viewpoint.

My goal for this fairly extensive post is to convey the idea of how the political parties and factions thereof can be labeled and analyzed within the Structure of Thought™.

First and formost,  look at the Banner ‘The Structure of Thought™’ above. You can see the graphics I put together for the title of this particular Blog. These are not just for decoration… they actually mean something to me, and hopefully try to explain my perception to you, fair reader.

When I look at them I know they convey a method that, if used with interchanging variables that is measured with absolutes, can help us Humans more refine, label and direct anything, from economics, policy, acts, thoughts, deeds… into a “more perfect” way to help measure decision and choice.

This procedure, in turn,  helps “sharpen our pencil” so to speak to more closely mimic nature, find solutions to problems, refine arguments, make better decisions, decipher right from wrong, etc. etc.

And as in Nature, there is Beautiful Structure of Thought™, and there is terrifying, paradoxical, repulsive Structure of Thought™… the thesis statement of this exercise could be said that the more beautiful, natural ways we shape our Thought Structure™, the more functional, effective, moral, ethical way it will effect all of us.

So what I am trying to say is that in my mind I sometimes have graphical, geometric insight into certain subjects that I “feel” within myself that can be applied to a 3-dimensional XYZ graph, and these can be explained mathematically… which have geometric area and value, that can be seen, measured and analyzed, and I believe that all acts, thoughts, intentions, choices and deeds are measureable, can be assigned value, and are  measured ( and they are, in my opinion. )

Click on me!


As I have said before, I used to believe that all these ideas had been totally crazy, but now, considering the things that are passing for reality these days, this stuff is fricking Tame in comparison.

By Far!

Now, before you start to think that that all this is just a bunch of gobbeldey-gook, I am describing a form of mathematics called 4th dimensional geometry. I had no idea  that’s what it was called or that it even existed until a month ago. I bought a book in the bargain bin called the Story of Mathematics, by Ian Stewart, where, way in the back, there is chapter 16, called ‘4th Dimensional Geometry,’ in the section ‘The Shape of Logic.’ By referencing this information from Mr. Stewart’s book, I was able to at least validate this own, ‘3 Dimensional-izing’ of this thought process.

This Structure of Thought™ is related to Binary Theory, the way computers and fractals work. This is related to probabilities and patterns in nature. “So I’m not totally insane” was my initial reaction, after I picked myself up off the floor.

This information has made me think that not only am I not crazy, but that I have had some sort of a break-thru in my own mind on how to not just explain it to myself, but how I am now able to explain it to others.

Kind of.

To validate even further I would like to insert here, and try not to bore the crap out of you with this, is a guy called Daniel Tammet… and the hour long documentary of him called “Brainman,” which was made between 2004-06. If you take the time to view the film it is unbelievable how Daniel views the world.

Read his Wikipedia Profile – I am not claiming to be as smart or gifted as this man is… but I feel with my life experiences and my brain, I have wandered into this type of Thought Structure™ and have started to figure out that yes, within the infinite all these exist. I feel privileged, humbled and honored to live at this time and to be able to articulate these things, and I am trying to manifest what has always been into this particular physical realm. Stay with me – I’m getting to something a bit more solid – it is a challenge to say the least to articulate this process.

Rounding out the final aspect of what made this breakthrough possible for me happened a couple of months ago when we started seeing more division and labeling in this American political climate. With tempers on ‘both sides’, which is 2-dimensional linear thought, reaching a boiling point, with either side pointing fingers and playing the blame game for who caused what and which side was ‘correct’ about the limited list of issues that are allowed to be discussed in the media.

I also want to point out the possibility of ‘agent provocateurs’ trying to discredit one another’s point of view, that could be used by either ‘side’,  that could possibly be affecting the perceptions of the public. I could go on and on, but I’ll cut myself off here.

So before things get out of hand, and it seems by listening to the news over the past few weeks it does seem like the pot is at least starting to simmer…  let’s start with just a quick glimpse back over the past 40 years and see where we’ve been and where we are going. I also want to say that this is an attempt to be as unbiased as possible, without my own personal beliefs getting in the way.

Basically, the above graph lays out what was is what I believe was defined as left and right during the 1970’s, at least for the most part. If anyone has any corrections or opinions in regards to the above graphic, I will be more than happy to correct it. There are, I am sure, many other schools of thought we could put in this linear layout, but this seems to be something along the lines of how these different ways of viewing the world would graph in a linear fashion, using ‘The Left’ and ‘The Right’ as the variables with which we measure the degrees of difference between the individual ‘schools of thought’. Read the caption of the map provided carefully – that is a topic for a whole other post all together.

Now in the second, above graphic, more ‘lines of thinking’ have been added to this linear graph – progressive, tea party, and neo-conservative… I also have noted the drift of the centrist position to the right, which by all accounts has happened over the past thirty years, starting with the Reagan administration. I also believe that libertarians have crept a bit over to the ‘left of’ the centrist position… to the other side of the ‘free’ market. I believe it’s the consensus that today’s centrist in 2010 would be a moderate to conservative republican of the Mid 1970’s…. and there are many instances in the narrow spectrum of the media that have acknowledged this fact.

The graph below shows the ‘linear’ way the political spectrum shakes out today, from my personal point of view. It also reflects what we consider ‘centrist’s’ movement to the right. The range that covers what would encompass what we call democrats has grown over the past 3-6 years, while what people consider republicans shrunk considerably, by their own accord. Listening to the media talk about how the republicans are ‘purging’ their party of those who aren’t conservative enough, or who don’t fit the mold of a specific list of beliefs. In my opinion, this is one of the many reasons for the splinter tea party’s existence.

Notice another thing about the above graph that differs from the previous two… because of this centrist shift, the common ground between the two main parties has moved apart, to the point that there is slim to no agreement on any issue. This reflects the hostile climate that exists today in Washington, where compromise with the ‘other’ means ostracization from your party, a la Charlie Crist’s ObamaHug.

It is said that Politics can make for strange bedfellows – and lately there are many who find they have common interest with those whom they’ve never had anything to do with each other before. What is the reasoning behind ‘the Why’ this happens?  This complicated, convoluted mess is what I hope to start to explain in the next graphic.

Now in this graphic it is demonstrated how 2 dimensional linear thought can be projected into a 3 dimensional spherical shape. This Line of Thinking, literally, shaped by language and how our minds contemplate things, is just the start of how the Structure of Thought™ is assembled. How these different Lines, which are now represented as points upon an equator of a sphere, are only shown as the x and z coordinates, with y=0. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Basically, it takes four numbers to define the surface of a sphere – x, y, z, r, with r = radius. I myself can only handle r being a constant, because I can barely understand this shit myself, let alone keep trying to explain this to you. But in touching upon the ‘Brainman’ experience above, r gives the surface of the sphere its texture, and I am sure that a value can be assigned to that in later examinations… but for now, r will be a constant number… but the r value I have in my mind, at least to me, has always  dealt with the definition of   how things fall in regards to absolute good and and absolute evil, or light and dark, yin and yang, polar opposites of the spiritual realm.

But as you can see by the conversion of the Linear, ‘Left vs Right’ layout to the first step of this spherical, three-dimensional layout, it begins to become a bit clearer how different groups with seemingly polar opposite beliefs and viewpoints can be seen to be related. The most telling is the relationship to communism to fascism. They are on opposite ends of the political spectrum, but laid out on the surface of a sphere, they lie right next to each other around the back side. And these similarities are becoming more and more prevalent in regards to modern politics… the communist dictatorships are frighteningly similar to the corporate fascists we have to deal with today.

And, the hidden power of the elite, secret society corporatists who really run things in the Western world look upon China and Russia with envy, because the leaders of those societies have the masses there do their bidding basically without questioning. This is why anyone who tries to demand their rights etc. etc. gets sent to a political prison or ‘disappeared.’ – that of course can’t happen here in ‘the Homeland’ – at least not yet.

And the evidence to build the case it is obvious we are moving in that direction.

And in connection, the real difference between the style of fascism from Nazi Germany (government controls business) and what is happening today is in the 30’s, the State controlled the corporations to do fulfill the interests of the ruling class.

Now in America, it is the opposite side of the same coin – the ruling classes control the corporations to have the State do their bidding… (business controls government) which is a better deal for them because of the bottomless pocketbook… while the middle and lower classes get stuck with the bill through inflation… what a racket they have established for themselves!

I hope you see where I am going here.

Confused? Me too. Well, I am and I am not. I am horrible at math, I can barely balance a checkbook. I am totally going on intuition here, and my instincts as an artist. One thing I always tested very high on in my history of education was Spacial Relations, and I used to be able to play Tetris like nobody’s business back in the day. This is the paradox, the MC Escher-esque-ness of this whole thought process. I can somewhat ‘see’ the solution. I can somewhat ‘feel’ the solution, or representation of the solution, or definition. Can I explain it?

Oy. It’s a toughie.

So in Part II of this rather extensive dissertation I will expand upon how this particular Political Thought Structure™ shakes out, and how we will be able to actually ‘see’ the shape of  political thought, how we can refine our thought processes in regards to political thinking, and also touch on how this Thought Process can be applied to just about any topic – Economics, Commerce, any Dilemmas, Actions, Situations, etc.etc. PLEASE do not be shy to leave comments, questions, critiques, filibusters, insults, etc.

If you made it this far, I am proud of you. Give yourself a Gold Star.