I was in the grocery store last week just picking up some this and that, when I noticed this cover of Newsweak, and it just confirmed what I had been thinking since the beginning of the year.

"IF" they were in charge... they WERE in charge! And 9-11 was the carte blanche for the saturation of their toxic policies we are paying for today STILL.

I try to sample all points on the media spectrum… and on both the left and right at first all you heard about was Sarah Palin this, Sarah Palin that. Any other person would have fallen WAY off the radar months ago… but she keeps being  drug in front of any and every perceivable media outlet at any opportunity. This isn’t an accident – this is planned manipulation.  And I fault both “sides” – the 6 or even less big media companies who own 95% of all the tv and radio stations — if the “left” knew what was good for them they would completely ignore this completely vacant empty vessel. But I suppose that in and of itself is what makes her so appealing to those who wish to rule from behind the curtain.

Palin should be ignored… she is a non-story.

Which brings me back to the Newsweek cover. Since the new year, and feel free to agree or disagree, but I hear the steady drumbeat of “republican takeover” “republican victory” and “republican landslide” in November. “How many seats will the republicans take?” “which democrats are going to lose their seats?”

Constant hammering, relentless, over and over, repackaged, re-messaged, on just about every channel… Television, Radio, websites. And… This is the trick that is being spoon-fed to us… and this projection is the powers that be’s biggest nightmare.  The Table is Being Set for the election of 2010 as a shoe-in for republican “victory”. This is classic divide the masses and keep them conquered. If the republicans take back the Congress or Senate, that is the best case scenario for the Status Quo… even if Health Care passes.

And this is what the corporatocracy wants… no change coming from the power of the masses, we the people. “Stay home and have no hope, because the republicans have already won!”

Like David Icke reiterates over and over, the power of the very few controls the many, the sheeple. But their power is extremely fragile, because it is based on the perception that we the people are powerless to stop this avalanche of chaos all around us, and this gridlock of our government, paralyzed by the bought and paid for congress and senate.

But Remember what Modern day Prophet and Philosopher George Carlin said, paraphrased here – what the real rulers Don’t want is an informed, enraged and motivated public who takes control of their own destiny and comes our en masse on election day and votes out those who are on the corporate dole… THAT is what they fear most, regardless of political affiliation.

The Daily Show with truthteller Jon Stewart skewers this completely bogus attempt to justify the ruling elites hideous record.

ANOTHER example, brought to my attention just this Friday. These are calculated, subtle moves that truly do manipulate the subconscious… and if you watched the Daily Show with Jon Stewart -you know that it is just wishful thinking at best, and a complete bogus propaganda mind-f**k at worst… which is what I truly believe it is, personally.

If we vote out all the remaining last holdouts of those who were responsible for the deregulation and pillaging of the bush administration and and replace them with progressive, responsible, fair minded and fiscal conservative “democrats” – this is the worse case scenario for the puppet masters in Washington, and they FEAR this. People who are free to control their own destiny, and put people in power who want to put these policies into effect – this is what they fear the most. All the Diebold machines in the US couldn’t stop this tide turning, if everyone shows up.

The bad news is is if it looks like that will happen, then be on the lookout for another false flag operation to move the cheese on the American public and patriot act them into submission.

So if the Teabaggers were smart, which unfortunately I think the vast majority of them are just prejudiced, narrow minded people, they would get on board with the progressive movement. That seems like a stretch when you think of it in Linear terms, BUT if instead you think of the variable Laid out on the surface of a sphere instead of a line, you see that as you travel farther away from your opponent, you eventually come around to the other side and you start getting closer together eventually. That’s why I believe there are many similar issues that are agreeable in both the Progressive and Teabag movement, the biggest one of all is in dealing with the “federal” reserve… we the masses have much more in common than we are lead to believe.

So don’t be fooled by all the reports of  the corporations winning it all in November. As of Friday, March 12, I have heard many in the more ‘progressive’ parts of the media (The Bill Press show in particular, and because a caller brought it up) that the Media is hyping this future republican landslide in the future… when public opinion states nothing of the sort.  If anything, if we the people show up, we can at least derail their agenda from coming together for a bit longer.

I’m putting some finishing touches in on my next post… pretty excited about it, so check back often!