This election for the people of  Massachusetts’s senate seat tomorrow… all this news coverage… for me it’s a giant mind-f**k. It’s the ol’ “Who would you rather have a beer / sleep with” than what is really important. As the Daily Show and Jon Stewart pointed out Monday, yes, this Coakley gal is probably kind of socially inept, not up on the sports terminology, can’t catch a football, wasn’t popular growing up, etc. etc. 

So she shouldn’t win the election, the other guy should because he has a Truck. I hope the people of Massachusetts don’t fall for this recycled mind dribble… not that this guy doesn’t deserve to win. But he’s vowed to “kill the health care”  or, keep the status quo and no reform.  So I’d much rather have someone who isn’t the most graceful in regards to the way they act or campaign… but at least has the best interest for the least among us at heart, instead of what’s in the best interests of the corporatocrasy. 

I can only hope.