What're ya, Fuckin’ Stoopid?

What, are you people F*%#&!’n STOOPID?

Oh, I’m sorry, didn’t mean to offend, didn’t mean to put anyone off by my “intro demeanor.”

Yeah so I’ve been dead awhile… A little over a year now.  June 22 of 2008, to be exact. And I didn’t realize dying on the Summer Solstice was such a big deal. But it is. You’re gonna have to trust me on that one, but that’s not why I am writing this f&%$#n’ BLOG.

Bllllog. What the hell is a blog anyway? You f&%king human beings.

So it’s been awhile since I’ve had a “chat” with any of you, me being passed on to the next thing and all. and I have some pent-up energy to lay out here… and I’ll get to how Pussified the Health Care Debacle has become as long as you keep reading.

But First off, let me tell ya, being dead… ya know—being dead is pretty f&$king cool!

That is, as long as you didn’t completely f&%k up while you were alive…!

So Being Dead. Let me tell ya about it. Being dead gives your soul, your essence, that which is unique in the universe, your own, unique self, the unexplainable paradox that which is “you”—a chance to reflect upon all that is. In other “words,” Death gives you… Perspective. … Per—spec—tive.

And, since time doesn’t really exist here where, fortunately for all of you, I still AM, M’KAY? ….it’s a little hard to “put” into “words,” …and you remember how much I love words and language.

S**t I based my whole  career talking about F&%kin’ Words!

But once again, I’ll just say… You’re gonna have to just Trust Me on this.

So looking back, one of the things you could say that I was famous for saying is—

“I sort of gave up on this whole human adventure a long time ago, divorced myself from it emotionally. It gives me an artistic detachment that I find valuable. I think the human race has squandered its gift, and I think this country has squandered its promise, for the sake of cell phones and Jet Skis.”

Here’s where my being Dead as a Doornail enters into the picture. Because my being dead has now given me the Perspective—that I now believe that there is still hope for the Human Adventure. As silly and as mamby pamby as that sounds, you yourself should believe it, because it is true.

What proof to I have of this..?

Well the Mandelbrot set is proof number one. Sorry, for those of you who have never smoked dope, you will not understand that last reference.

But besides that, ya know I kicked the bucket before the election last year, and now, whadaya know? ( sound effect ‘Knock’ of snapping the tongue off the roof of your mouth ) A “black guy” is President of the United States.

Of course you all know I believe all politicians are completely full—of—S**t. And besides all the political crap I could rail on for hours and hours, this Obama guy seems to have a Soul and a semblance of a Conscience… a vast improvement from the f@#ing lackey soulless Imps that were running the show before.

That, from any Perspective… is pretty unbelievable. BUT, from my “Dead” Perspective… anything is possible. Believe it.

Anything is possible.

God look at how old I look in that clip above… but I still looked pretty damn good for being in my early seventies. Did I tell you in the Afterlife everyone is about 26?

That is, as long as you didn’t completely f$#k up while you were alive!

I look great. And I smell wonderful. Me and all the other dead people who lived a good life, worked hard, and didn’t f**k over the rest of the human race for the sake of their gold-plated pocketbooks, mega yachts and f%&*in’ indoor ski slopes… we’re pretty happy.

Your Grandma is here, probably. And one of the things we do here in the timeless existence of the afterlife is keep tabs on all you poor souls still stuck in your bodies, working your way thru the School of the Earth.

To built my new per—spec—tive, here’s another quote from me while I was still eating food and “leaving” s**ts:

“What’s all this stuff about motivation? I say, if you need motivation, you probably need more than motivation. You probably need chemical intervention or brain surgery. Actually, if you ask me, this country could do with a little less motivation. The people who are causing all the trouble seem highly motivated to me.”

So what’s my new, what I’ll call my “Death Perspective…” given me? It’s made me see that if all of you good, honest people can elect a “Black Guy” to the office of President, you all CAN collectively CHANGE the direction of the way things are being run right now, starting with this f%$kin’ Health Care BULL-s**t.

Now remember what I said in the last paragraph, “The people who are causing all the trouble seem highly motivated to me.”


I still AM, M’KAY?

That’s who are highly motivated right now. All the people who have all the money and control all the networks and who control just about every aspect of your life—They are highly motivated to crush the little guy, your “you”, your essence.

They want all the money for all their bombs, all their oil, all their wars, all their f#$%&n’ stuff —like ball point pens that cost more than Slaves assembling tennis shoes chained to a sewing machine in Indonesia could make in a hundred lifetimes… But when it comes to cutting their own Fat and their sacrificing for the sake of the rest of you, so when you get sick with some illness caused by all their unregulated f#%&@n’ manufacturing and pollution and toxic ingredients and environmental raping and pillaging—

…that you should be mandated to be covered by a public option of health care…?

OOOH NO! There gonna raise your taxes and there’s gonna be DEATH panels!

What, are you people F$%^ing STOOPID?

First of all, you should be pissed off that the large percentage of your taxes goes to paying interest to the fed for our national debt!

Second, there’s Death Panels right now – they’re called Insurance Companies!

You pay and pay these jagoffs payment after payment for years, and then you you actually become ill and need the insurance—your case gets reviewed goes before the “death Panel” claim manager, and Thanks for all the Premiums, but… Go F**k yourself!

These Rich Pr%^ks look at any unregulated angle to jip your sorry ass out of any kind of coverage—there’s just too much evidence of that kind of that “giant red, white and blue d**do up your ass” behavior.

Lemme say, ONLY because I am dead and I have Perspective, I commend the woman above, and yes Oprah, it was brave of her.

But the rest of these motherf**kers—they’re not even offering you Health Care, it’s a Health Care f$%kin’ Option.

They’re carrying on about even giving you, the little people, all of you who are “not in the Big Club,” an Option!

How do you believe anything these rich c**ksuckers are saying to you over the airwaves bought and paid for by “humana”—there’s an oxymoron for ya—What kind of a name is that? It’s proof they are out in the open. The hidden agenda is hidden no more.

And don’t be fooled by the words “Money” or “Taxes” – just substitute the word “control” for all that—it’s all… Bulls**t. Research it.

To quote my good pal Chris Rock – “These are all distractions to take your mind off the War.” Or healthcare. Or anything productive or progressive that makes sense for the vast majority, the common welfare, for the health of not only all of your actual physical health but of your Economy, our collective Human Spirit…

Are you going to fall into the trap to this dumbing down, “Pussification” of your brains, your being… to sell out what is in your best interests once again for their tremendously deceptive, vile Propaganda? Don’t let them sway what you accomplished in November with a bunch of Manufactured, Lying, Vindictive, Asinine Bulls**t..!

I can’t say it enough: What, are you people F&%$ing STOOPID?

So what’s the point? The point is, what Death Perspective shows me is that you have to do what is good, what is moral, what is best for our flawed, piece of s**t species, while you are still alive, or you will not get to drive a golf cart in the afterlife.

These people need to learn to Share… and it’s perfectly obvious that they do not.

And if you dance in the woods worshiping an Owl sacrificing innocents “in effigy” so that you can think you can retain all the power for yourself, well, good luck to ya with that one.

But I don’t see very many Hypocrites here in the afterlife in my general sector. And my sector is pretty nice, thank you very much… I think the majority of those dead people who participated in such activities are down a few levels from where I happen to still exist.

And the word ‘few’ is relative.

Yeah, I got lots of freedom to hang out wherever I want… like inside BlakeArt’s brain.

And let me publicly thank BlakeArt for letting me channel thru his conscience. Not the brightest bulb in the Marquee, that guy, but at least he gives a s**t. His heart is in the right place, even though he has his head up his ass the majority of the time.

Being a part of the Universal Consciousness—it’s like a sore Dick Cheney. You can’t beat it!

Now get out there and f$%king DO SOMETHING!

You won’t regret it… it’s why you’re THERE. Stuck on that rock spinning in Blackness.

Oh, and Bill Hicks says hello. HEy lookit that, there’s Ted Kennedy! Hi Ted!

And, As an added bonus, for your viewing pleasure, check out this appearance I made on Bill Maher’s old show, Politically Incorrect, and really listen to what the Right Wing Toolbag has to say, and think about how F$%ked up your physical existence is now because of this way of thinking, and what it has done to this county over the past 8+ years! ( thanks for that word there, BlakeArt—I like that word, “Toolbag”—it really fits with the description of who this guy is and where he is getting his marching orders. ) From Dick Armey, of all people!