I found this audio selection about six months ago, and I have listened to it maybe 10-15 times since. I think I had heard of Earl Nightingale before, and he reads this philosophy very convincingly. And I really like how it starts… Men simply don’t think. How true is this in our million mile an hour world today?

There is a lot of insight and truth in this message—and it’s obvious even today with all the hubbub that popped up about “The Secret” about what, 2 years ago now?

I am saying this as a person who firmly believes that we all collectively create this reality, in which we are all currently existing. And one of the main points in this audiofile – ‘We become what we think about.’ This rings true to me.

Now any skeptic can say that’s a bunch of bullshit. Yes, we can’t control the actions of others, and if some other being chooses to insert themselves into my life and completely disrupt it, physically or mentally, that is their choice, of course.  400 years ago the native American Indians had to deal with the Spanish Conquistadors, small pox from the English settlers, all the terrible things that history has demonstrated to us of how we have treated each other, Man’s Inhumanity to Man. But this Collectiveness – keeping each other down, hindering the process of others… it is my contention that we have reached the point to where we can finally set this behavior aside. I believe we now are in a position to shed this mentality, with the knowledge we have acquired.

Now how many people across the planet have this knowledge? Not many. And how many Despots around the world will attempt to screw with us ( like the Iranian leadership is attempting to mess with thier population, the corporatocracy is trying to keep the world down, etc. etc., it’s everywhere ) – we can’t control how other people behave. However, we can set the example. AND we can change things for ourselves, for the better!


Just like this example I saw this morning on “Democracy Now” with Amy Goodman. Greenpeace—I’m kind of a fan, and I am open to what they are trying to do. And the Global Warming stuff—I’m not sure how much of it is man made, or how much control we have over it.

However, what is the Right thing to do? If we have the technology Not to litter, Not to pollute, Not to Screw up our Planet, and find alternate ways of all collectively dealing with our way to physically exist here on Earth, aren’t we obligated by our Conscience to follow that line of thinking, regardless of the ‘cost?’  And what is this ‘Cost’ anyway, compared to how we have squandered over the past 7+ years in Iraq? As the Strangest ‘Secret before the Secret’ states—We become what we think about. What, exactly, are our leaders, our politicians, the people who really push and pull the levers of power, Thinking about? We need them to start Leading instead of pandering, towards a better, saner, more responsible way of existing.

Wouldn’t that be the Strangest Secret of all?