First let me say I am so thankful that I remain busy and have tons to do… hence the sporadic nature of my Posts. I wish I were more consistent—I strive for at least one a week. But I gotta make hay while the sun shines.

That being said, one of the reasons I started this blog is to critique and ferret out video documentaries on the net for my friends and other intellectually curious that maybe “normal” people wouldn’t necessarily see. So I comb Video Google ( instead of YouTube, because they have full length videos ) and watch / listen to them while I work.

I want to recommend this particular Video: Wake Up Call. It takes pieces of all the films and documentaries together and weaves them into a pretty cohesive narrative that nails the behind-the-scenes, “what you’ll never hear on the news” play by play of the Actual State of the World. It is long, but if you’ve never delved into this “alternate” world view—this 2 hour 30 minute film encapsulates the train of thought in a pretty cohesive package. I’d go more in-depth about how I feel about this, but I really don’t have time.

I will say this however, this fairly well-edited hodge-podge pulls footage from many of the more popular conspiracy films, such as Zeitgeist, Prison Planet and Alex Jones, David Icke among others… but it is also peppered with the “comedy” routines of George Carlin and Bill Hicks, which to me are more Modern-Day, Highly Evolved Philosophers than Comedians. I truly believe that Carlin and Hicks, even though they have passed on to the next thing, have really done the job of shining the light on what is the truth behind what is really going on in the halls of power on planet earth. And Hicks shows us with his brilliance about how easy—EASY—it would be for all of us to drop the charade and shake off this Mass Hypnosis to which we are all presently subjected.

Look at what is happening in Iran right now. No Matter what the MSM tells us, the Iranian people on the whole are good people. Good People! Human Beings are, if educated and have a developed Conscience, are good. Make no mistake. It is my hope that we realize collectively how EASY reality can be if we just shake off this fear and are as brave as the Iranian people have been so far in standing up to the corrupt powers that be. WE need to do this to stand up to this monolith of negativity, here in the Good ol’ USA. If we stand together, we will prevail. Positive Thought Structure™ exists—I have No Doubt!