I am a fan of Letterman, and not of Palin for the usual obvious reasons.

I also think Humor is something that more evolved people appreciate and ignorant people are oblivious to… and it’s obvious that “the right” is clueless because they are so dumbed down. (Case in point: Fox’s Half Hour Comedy hour. Look how long that lasted.) This is just the latest example in a long line of “the right” not understanding “the joke.”

Yes, Letterman probably crossed “the Line,” but by a millimeter, not a mile. I am more worried about the blatant hostility (and desperation) bubbling underneath everything coming from “the right’s” point of view right now. Educated, benevolent, tolerant people understand the difference. Hence, Letterman’s slow motion trainwreck of a response. You just can’t look away… equals high ratings.

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