Short Post this week… and late. Been extremely busy, thank the omniverse—but also been very melancholy. Don’t know what the deal is… but it’s affecting my concentration and work flow. I can’t remember when I’ve been this… Blah. The weather might be a culprit… it’s been 60 and overcast here for like the past month. Great sleeping weather, though.

I’m not big into video yet, much to my dismay. But I had my camera with me this weekend and was fortunate to capture this little bit of nature being nature in a humerous way… I especially like how the “busy bumble bees” seems to follow my improvised porno music with their thrusting… I don’t think I could have choreographed it any better.

Another interesting tidbit…  after he was “finished”, ( hence the post title ) he hung around waiting for the female to “recover.” As she did and finally started moving around, he hovered in the air, as if waiting for a response.  Maybe he wanted to take her out to dinner.

The female then crawled back behind the edge of the ledge they had been “doing the deed” on, out of eyesight of her male counterpart.  Maybe she said, “Hey honey, (pardon the pun) gotta go powder my antenas, be right back.”

After a brief 10 second delay, she hightailed it out of there like she was late for dinner across town, completely out of the “eyes-sight” of her suitor.  No hold me, no snuggling, Notta.

Meanwhile, poor mister male bee – he thinks his “date” is still behind the ledge, taking a powder. He has no idea that he got completely ditched. What a tool.  Again, hence the post title.

I’ll put my tin foil hat back on hopefully next week. But spread this around.  I think I smell 1,000,000 hits easy… at least it’s short enough for that.