As a proud member of the “grassy knoll” crowd, just look at the way this is all being positioned in the media that is “corporate owned”. A story here on HuffPo headline is “Swine Flu: Conservatives Blame Immigrants.”

This is Classic Divide and Conquer Tactic… the powers that be are playing chess, while the rest of the “sheeple” are watching American Idol and “Just go Shopping”. But Remember – we are all the Omniverse’s creatures, we all exist now, and we are all no greater or lesser than any other.

And if any “Building Seven-ers” come too close to the truth, well… we’re “nutjobs.” But there’s too much info out there that contradicts all the “spreadable bull**** malarcky frosting in a can” that these NWO-ers are trying to put on our cake”it just ain’t going to fly.

Because I believe these people have absolutely no conscience, no respect for their fellow man, and are capable of any evil… and the evidence plays this out, if you are paying attention.
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