Surfed the Intranets the past week… searching. Searching for answers.

Filtered thru quite a bit of nonsense, but I came across this Saturday morning. It’s the most concise summation of the true nature of our “Economic Crisis”. Thank you Renegade Economist for this most informative information – I urge the reader to check out other videos @ his YouTube page and spread the word. Power is knowledge, and I believe that this is most important in trying to understand what the frick is going on, this “controlled demolition” 9-11 type dismantling of the global financial system.

Classic “Create the Problem, Then offer the precontrived solution, Then solve the problem that best benefits your own agenda…” Disaster Capitalism.

I get all kinds of grief from my significant other and from my colleagues… about how I am still a “conspiracy theorist” even though the “correct” candidate won the election. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy the Titanic is trying to slow down before barrelling headlong into the icebergs. Or at least that is what the powers that be are trying to make us think.

I watched the above video about three times just for it all to sink in. Michael Hudson taps into something very lacking from conversation we see on the Corporate-Owned Media—Truth. Truth that really connects the dots. AND he taps into an unexpected source for this truth—the Bible, and more importantly, Ancient History. This is so important for us to hear today—we cannot and should not think that because we are a “modern” society that we can’t derive solutions to our economic dilemas by looking back to antiquity—insurmountable problems have been solved before. Anything is possible, in the Structure of Thought™. I have to keep reminding myself that that is the case.

What Hudson says towards the end of this video worries me, however. He says that the same group of people that supposedly “set up Russia’s oligarchy” are now trying to do the same thing here in the United States. Yes, that’s right, Oligarchy. Again, this points to the Council on Foriegn Relations, Bilderberg group, those who control the Federal Reserve System, ( which I’ve said is about as Federal as Federal Express ) CFR, Trilateral commission, Club of Rome, Project for the New American Century—Like I have said before, these organizations are all made up of the same small group of extremely powerful people.

I think it’s pretty obvious that this group of people will hang onto power at all costs, no matter what it takes. Like I have yammered on an on in previous posts, and it is all about connecting the dots. I cannot reiterate how important all this is. Hudson is a man who articulates what the real agenda is in this whole Economic mess.

And he points out that it follows along the line of a formula that employs a Negative Thought Structure™—listen to the words that Hudson uses to describe what our world-wide Central Banking System is—parasitic. We have to ask ourselves—Is this the best way to set up our way of being? There has to be another way, a better way, to set up how this world works and how we exist in harmony with it.

I’m all for a New World Order. ( backwards initials-O.W.N.- Hidden in Plain Sight! ) As long as all the power-hungry lunatics in charge right now find it in their hearts to try to make this planet a better place for all of us, every human. As Naive as that sounds, I truly believe it is possible, and will be exploring that topic in future posts.