I posted a comment on the Huffington Post last night – my comment is pending. The article is by Bob Cesca: the title:  President Obama is Driving the Republicans Insane. It’s late and I’m too tired to comment more, but here is my reply. Read the link above first… this comment below is way over the 250 word limit, and it’s a bit more radical than what I posted @ HuffPo. Feel free to comment, agree, disagree.

But I must reiterate – the article, with all it’s linkages to the evidence, is a real gem. Be sure to click on them all as you go along… it really lays out at least facts as we have been led to believe to have happened.

GREAT post. The best part? You diagram your arguments with concrete, specific examples that make your points so emphatically. That is what I call Truth, that is what Positive Thought Structure™ is all about.


The “Intranets” and blogs like these, as I have tried to articualate in the not-so-distant past, are something that I think the CFR, Trilateral, Bildeberg, Club of Rome, Project for the New American Century et al crowd had not taken into consideration into their thinking of their “plans”, or at least are making the rolling out of these “plans” much more difficult.

Now I am not disagreeing or belittling their intent, rather, instead of acting INSANE, like you have so eloquently pointed out in your article, it’s now time that we started really examining what the heck we are doing on this planet and what is the best way for all of us to coexist, thrive and take care of ourselves and the other inhabitants of Planet Earth. With Benevolence, Maturity, and Reason.

This “Linking of Thought” and being able to see a physical representation of it, as a “Post” on a “Blog” in the “Web” — this is a beautiful example of Positive Thought Structure™ – something that within the realm of the infinite, has always been. Shining a light upon it, like all truth, is something to behold. I am trying to look upon this from beyond my own personal beliefs, unlike a fictional observer of our behavior from a much more advanced, highly civilized society… that might be observing our behavior like an anthropologist would observe Egyptian Hieroglyphs…


It is my hope that this “process” we are going thru collectively will help advance this cause. Thank you for shining such a concrete, focused light upon the real truth of the situation.