In my “About” section ( go ahead and blame Blake Art ) just last week I ended my gibberish by imbeding a Dance Mix of the tirade of Willy Wonka mixed and set to a beat you can dance to… Something must’ve been in the Thought Structure™ that peaked my interest, because this Video of Christian Bale just surfaced in the past 24 hours… here’s a LINK to the original audio, and here’s the Remix put together by an outfit called RevoLucan, who put out the video:

Compare it to the one I posted last Friday – The Wonka one uses actual footage, is basically PG-13 and is fiction.  Christian Bales’s is Nonfiction, rated NC-17 and is based on cleaver stills with Ken Burns effects, peppered with hilarious thought bubbles.  Pretty hilarious!

Now I ask – Let me hear some feedback on these, people!  What do you think, how do they compare?  I adore the Willy Wonka one, particularly because to me it has a deeper meaning, it taps into a universal truth of some sort – and then the mixing makes it fricking HILARIOUS… because of the inside joke, the knowing, the winking of the infinite – and then the clock pedulum ( sp, i’m in a hurry, sorry ) mimiced by the herky-jerk video edit at the end… timeless. Love it. More Overanalysis Paralysis later!