1.  Recognizing that the surge worked (the surge Obama was vehemently against), Obama retains Bush’s Secretary of Defense and stays the course in Iraq as opposed to Obama’s promised quick withdraw that  helped him trick the naive lefties at moveon.org into nominating him.

2.  Realizing the remaining cut throats at Gitmo are indeed a menace, Gitmo is not closed any time soon. (For PR reasons, it will  eventually be closed, but Obama will work to keep the worst of the worst from ever setting foot on U.S. soil so as to keep them from being swept up into the U.S. criminal defense system).

3.  Obama does not put an end “domestic eavesdropping.”

4. Obama does not lobby for any substantive changes to the despised Patriotic Act.

5. Cheney and Bush are not indicted for war crimes.

6.  Biden continues to make moronic comments and the press continues  to not cover it.

7.  Obama expands Bush’s faith based initiatives.

8.  Obama does not meet with Hugo Chavez or Amademajad.

9.  Obama does not press for the repeal of “No Child Left Behind.”

10.  The government wastes even more of my money, while my benefits continue to decline.