I think this pick has got “evil” a bit nervous. Don’t you think?

Do you know when I felt the pall of evil lift just a bit? Seeing the reaction of the establishment of Obama”s supposed choice of Leon Panetta at Director of the CIA. From the limited media coverage I have seen, and I have not read or researched in depth, this pick is the real controversial break with business as usual, or should I say “torture as usual”. I may be wrong. But in the Game of the New Obama Presidency, this is the real Opening Gambit. This pick – this has people on all sides breaking out in a sweat.

And I loved seeing Obama defend his potential choice (link>) www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-QSqwvEDCo with clear, lucid, concrete facts and reasoning. I guess all the folks in the “Shadow Government” were watching… I wonder what they are thinking..?

Like the Chinese Proverb states: “May you live in interesting times”” inDEED.
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