Do you feel it? I kinda do. There are many factors—and the inauguration has something to do with it. but I think evil is starting to feel a bit more pressure than it has in quite a while, at least in this, the ‘homeland’. In the subconscious of Mankind, I felt a tiny tweak in my gut. i wonder if W felt it as well, since he is so in tune with his.

I think I am starting to see it just a bit on what we are allowed to see and call ‘the news’. A bit more ballsyiness. Tiny cracks of bravery here and there. The terrain is starting to shift, the sand underneath everyone’s feet is starting to move… under the Fox & Friends feet, or whatever. the footing maybe is starting to crumble, not so firm. On the other parts of the media bubble, on the other side of the media spectrum, maybe. If we’re lucky. Maybe, just maybe, they’re starting to let a bit of actual truth shine thru.

Do you know when I felt the pall of evil lift just a bit? Seeing the reaction of the establishment of Obama’s supposed choice of Leon Panetta at Director of the CIA. From the limited media coverage I have seen, and I have not read or researched in depth, this pick is the real controversial break with business as usual, or should I say ‘torture as usual’. I may be wrong. But in the Game of the New Obama Presidency, this is the real Opening Gambit. This pick – this has people on all sides breaking out in a sweat.

And I loved seeing Obama defend his potential choice with clear, lucid, concrete facts and reasoning. I guess all the folks in the ‘Shadow Government’ were watching… I wonder what they are thinking..?

May you live in interesting times indeed.

When I googled my misspelling of ‘Paneta’, for accuracy, one of my top ten results gave me a look into an entry on ‘’, with the headline Obama’s Panetta pick will bring about another 9-11, or some other happy prediction. I am going there as soon as I finish to post this blog. I think on first glance ( never been there meself ) seems to be a higher, more open, more enlightened group of bloggers—why would this particular person think this pick would bring about another terrorist attack I wonder? Hmmmmm… The only thing we have to fear is fear itself, right?

Man, I am sick of Evil. Aren’t you? All the lies, past motivations of all the myriad of troubles, greed, fear, corruption, selfishness and sadism. What a bunch of empty, meaningless garbage. This constant focus on the Negative. Seeing a bit of this new attitude—it’s like I forgot what is is like to dwell in the Positive. And on the surface, if this is a truthful and honest vibe—it feels great. Doesn’t it?

Positive Thought Structure™ graph

I believe, well hope anyway, that the many things Panetta will bring to the CIA is accountability, transparency, ethical behavior. And measuring Obama’s choice against any of 43rd’s appointments—it’s not even close. It’s a total double standard. This is the signal. In my mind from what I have read over the past 8 long years, any other terrorist event that takes place from here on out—I will be Extremely skeptical—Extremely— if it is some group of former CIA operatives in a cave that are responsible.

Sorry. That Negative Thought Structure™ – it does exist, that is the truth. But I choose to dwell in the Positive—That exists as well. This place Positive Thought Structure—that is reform. That is hope. That is the common good, for all. That’s what I’m going for, hoping for.