I’m just back from traveling, and I have had limited time and access to the internet… one of the things I have knoticed in watching the blogroll of the sites I usually visit ( huffington post, think progress, crooks n liars, daily kos, drudgereport ) the articles and headlines have slowed down considerably since the election. Meaning, stories that would get pushed out in orders of importance now are hanging around for a week or more.

I guess that is a good thing… the waiting game for the transition. I am master of the obvious.

I have also struggled to write while on my travels – busy schedule and house hopping around from family and friends. Tonight I have arranged my first round of catagories – I am sure these will change as we go along. Again, feel free to make any suggestions… I am sure I will split the culture section into subgroups. Man, can you tell I have writer’s block? Who gives a crap about which catagories are which?

What I have been working on is an introduction explanation of Thought Structure™… this is something I have been thinking about for the past couple of years—always having glimpes and nuggets pop into my head when I am inspired, which happens more often than not. But now, sitting down and starting to really formuate what all this means and how it works—it’s tougher than I thought. Also, I am sure I am probably re-hashing a previous theory already thought of by some philosopher thousands of years ago.

So what do I know…? One Item of interest—watched George Carlin’s second to last HBO special, which I had only seen once before. It had much of his final material, which I think is masterful. Speaking of the Structure of Thought™, or Thought Architecture™, which is a pretty cool concept—in fact, I think that should be new job in the Obama administration, actually… Carlin is great at arranging his thinking into beautiful structured ways of looking at things so the irony, humor and Truth shines through—great Positive Thought Structure™.

Oh, and here’s two more examples—one is lighthearted, the other is a pretty heavy link – but both are excellent examples of some of the funniest observational humor that is his genius. Truly not just a comedian, but a modern-day prophet, truth-teller and visionary. History will look back upon Carlin and say he was and is one of the leaders of rational, logical, gorgeous Thought Architecture… it’s all in the WAY we think about things—as Dr. Wayne Dyer says—the power of intent—that builds the many mansions of the subconscious infinite of which we are all a part. Remember, all things exist at once—forever.