I mean really close. I mean taking up 80% of the sky, and hardly being able to see the stars in the sky close. This is about the fourth or fifth time I have had variations of this dream. What is pretty astounding about this dream is that I was standing on a frozen body of water, and I was making art on the ice like you would see on a hockey rink. But the tidal effect of the moon being so close, in this particular dream, had absolutely no effect on the water – it was as tepid as bathwater. It was an awesome display – I could see in great detail the surface of the moon – even though it was just a sliver of sunlight – a thin crescent.

As I type, I’m listening to the video “the missing secrets of Nikola Tesla” – very interesting. It’s hosted by Dean Stockwell – one of my favorite actors… brilliant as “Ben” from the movie Blue Velvet.

I can’t seem to insert the video, so here is the link – the music of this series is pretty awful, imho. But the show is very interesting.

The video is only 47 minutes long – but about 40 minutes it talks about how Tesla dreamt the solutions of his problems, dreamt about giant machines, concepts and visions that exist, as he theorized, “in the Ether”… meaning – that they do exist. In a way, this theory touches upon “The Structure of Thought™” that I am trying to bring into a physical form by my art and this blog. All things that are possible do exist within the realm of the infinine. Right?

Do you have a re-occuring dreams lately? Or at a certain period in your life? Some people have the same dreams over and over, I think mostly brought on by anxiety. As I venture into writing this blog on a regular basis, I think this will be the first theme I explore, and I encourage any of you to pitch in with any dream themes you want to share. Maybe we can decipher them for all of us collectively.