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Thank you, word press peeps. In the tradition of word press, I will say that this is my first formal blog as “blameblakeart”… leaving the “starter tags” in place. In future posts, when I’m having a writer’s block (which is where I’ve been the past week, struggling for time and topic) I will explain my name. Guesses are welcome – take a shot.

I initially sent out an email to a limited list of pals with my first trial blog. The feedback – too long. Oh, and Ariana H. sez keep it short, too. So instead of doing a “60 Minutes” style of entry, maybe I’ll try breaking it up into shorter, more numerous entrys.

So here is the condensed email I sent, in blog format. Isn’t this exciting? I think so.

Gang o’ Pals:

I have made up my mind to start blogging, which is long overdue. What else do you expect from the King Of Procrastination?

I would appreciate any feedback you’d like to give me.

I have been researching various blogging sites and am going to formally set one up in the next week or so.

The title will be:

“Positive (+) Thought Structure™ – dragging reality towards a better physical realm”

or some other hippie bullshit title that sounds better than that.
Suggestions welcome.

What I hope to achieve is a 60 Minutes type format, with me eventually video-blogging about issues of the day and how it braids in with my “delusional” world view – an open forum to generate discussion, opinion, fame and fortune until I take my rightful place in seat of judgment of every and all.

Irony, humor and humiliation included of course.
So don’t fer-git…!
I’m not serious, but somehow, I am serious. Seriously.

Annnnywhey, I say 60 minutes because I respect the show, and I had one of those “meant to be—fabric of reality” moments about 3 years ago. I specifically remember one story was about a battle in Iraq at Fallujah – when the whole 3 stories of show + Andy Rooney seemed to flow together so well, and the ideas weaved their information and moral lessons—that I was able to sense the deeper, logical pattern to it all.

That this is exactly how me seeing that “pattern” is playing out, and that this is how it has always been, an eternal type of a feeling.

Ya Know?
Eh, you probably don’t.
But that’s just me and me brain. So I’d like to share some o’ dat with all of youse.

But – those of you who experience my “acquired taste” friendship in dealing with me on a regular basis well know that this is nothing new… this happens to me more often than knot.

So some thoughts to start out with – And please note, just because “I saw it on the Internets, that automatically means it’s true” Yes, I am aware. But this “cosmic entanglement” of the thoughts itself is apart of my unwritten master thesis that Positive (+) Thought Structure™ is based upon… so take it as you will.

This first short video is After Effects and Final Cut production, of which I want to desperately learn to make my own of this magnitude. But it shines a light on the real attitude of the people of Iran – really the Youth of Iran, and how they are trying to deal with how the powers that be are purposely shaping the reality we all are collectively experiencing. It looks like they’ve taken it down, I’ll try to find it and update the post later.

Knext people, linked in the “cosmic entanglement” ( which is a real theory that is gaining favor among the scientific community, some say ( fox news ) ) heh just kidding – I bit the bullet about 4 months ago and watched a 2 hour vid by this brave man, pastor Lindsey Williams.

In a knutshellski, he was a pastor for the oil companies up in Alaska during the building of the pipeline, and befriended all the New World Order “Those who REALLY run the world” fellahs and now has his finger on the pulse of world events as they are unfolding NOW. This particular link is about 4-6 months old, and is a very interesting view, in regards to the Election, the price of oil, and… our attitude toward Iran. Thus the Thought Structure™ behind that particular segue.

And last, here’s an hour long vid about “Creative Design” vs. Darwin. This is particularly close to me heart, because it parallels my own feelings in regards to how we all are weaving this tapestry of reality. If you can get thru it all, you’ll be like – “What the F***?” It is super-cool and informative – and I really love all the scientist’s attitudes at the end of the piece. Truly amazing.

So to quote my dad, on how he ends the majority of his wordy emails, in his own signature style:

Well!  There you have it for now!

Hey don’t hesitate to let me have it – I appreciate the feedbag. I know everyone is busier than a cat in a roomful of paperhangers at a beauty contest with Miss South Carolina fillin’ cavities at a convention of termite enthusiasts channeling spock on meth.

See, that’s what their TRYING to do to you®.
So thanks again, and enjoy my “particular” frequency.

In moor wheys than won.